Brass Band Representitive:

Scott Henderson and Hannah Clayton (running as a pair)

Hi my name is Scott and I’m a first year PhD student doing physics. I’m also a member of the brass band and wind band and I’m on my fifth year of being in ulms. I’ve been the brass rep this last term and so far I have really enjoyed it. I now want to carry on in this role with Hannah to continue helping the band through the year. It’s been such a lovely experience so far and I just want to keep on helping with the running and up keeping of band so that everyone can have a great year to come 🙂

Hi! I’m Hannah, a first year German and Theatre student. I’ve been playing tuba for 6 years and have been a member of the Hampshire youth wind ensemble and orchestra. I’ve played tuba in the ULMS wind band and brass band since freshers week and I’ve loved every minute of it! I would love to be brass band rep to help run the band that has made me feel so welcome from the beginning. I am excited to share my love for the band with new members next year and make them feel as welcomed as I was. I have done theatre and stage managing so I’m pretty good at working under pressure, and I always make sure that everything I have to do gets done well. I’ve only missed one rehearsal so I’m very committed to the band. I like knowing what’s going on and being brass band rep will help satisfy my need for everything to be beautifully organised!

Social Secretary:

Declan Ricketts and Imogen Keeley (running as a pair)

Hi, I’m Declan; I’m a first-year Environmental science student. I am the current social secretary and I have organised many successful socials even though not feeling 100%. This shows my determination and drive to make sure we still get a social every week. I have also been busy organising the summer ball. All of this has been a bit of a strain, but this is why I am this time partnered up so that the work load can be split. I have always been very organised with my time and prioritised more important items first. Throughout my life, I have always wanted to make sure everyone is involved in activities. I am eager to undertake the responsibility for being social sec and help everyone within the society get to know each other and feel included in all socials.

Hi my name is Imogen and I am a first year biomedicine student. I am currently publicity officer and I am running with Declan to be co social secretary as well. I have really enjoyed going to the socials this year, some of my favourites have included the bar crawls, the quizzes and the paint and sip evening. Socials are a really important part of the society and as social sec I want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and included. I think this is especially important for the incoming freshers and this is something I want to encourage as publicity officer in freshers week and also social secretary. The publicity workload fluctuates depending on the time of year and I feel Declan and I will be able to work together well to organise the weekly socials and winter ball alongside my responsibilities as publicity officer.