Bios for the AGM: February 2023



Hi, I’m Penelope! For anyone who doesn’t know me already, I’m a third year maths student and I am running for President. I play Trumpet, Cornet, Violin and Piano and I am involved in Brass Band, Big Band and String Quartet. I also play cornet in Freckleton Band. I have absolutely loved being on committee for the last two years, first as Big Band Rep and then now as Treasurer, so it seems natural to progress to president. Being Treasurer has allowed me to work closely with Robert and Yasmin as part of the Big Three so I feel like I have a good idea of the role and what it would entail.

This year I have also taken the lead on organising the music tour to Belgium. This has given me extra responsibilities on committee and has meant that I have taken an even more active role in the society. Through the process of organising the tour, I have had to do lots of things a Treasurer wouldn’t usually have to do, such as sending emails to the tour company, coordinating with members of the society, answering any of their questions and also running a tour meeting. This has given me experience in planning an event, making sure everyone knows what’s going on and speaking in front of a group of people.

I am also a Maths Student rep, a job that needs confidence in talking to people, leading or helping out with problem solving sessions and giving tours around campus. This, combined with the job I had in a summer camp over the holidays, means that I have experience so I would be comfortable and experienced chairing committee meetings, next year’s AGM and any EGMs we might need.

Before coming to Lancaster I was a member of lots of different genres of music groups, such as the county youth concert band and orchestra, my local brass band, a jazz ensemble, a string orchestra and also a renaissance choir. I feel like this has given me experience in the type of music all of the major ensembles play so I would be able to relate to each of them.

I understand that if I am elected president, I will also be one of the society’s welfare officers. I am friendly and approachable and I’m very good at keeping a level head, open mind and an unbiased opinion.

This year I have had to be very organised, balancing my degree, being treasurer, playing in the ensembles, organising the tour and having time to relax and have fun with my friends. I think this will stand me in good stead for the role of president.

Ultimately, if elected president, I’d like to ensure that the music society at Lancaster University continues to be a fun, friendly, fulfilling and flourishing part of the life of the university and the lives of those who participate.


Hey, I’m Will. I’m a second year Linguistics and Philosophy student. I’m currently part of orchestra, string orchestra, and swing band, playing percussion, violin, and drums. I’m also a conductor for string orchestra and the point of welfare outside of the committee this year.

The welfare position here and in other societies has prepared me to deal with interpersonal issues in a diplomatic and efficient way. I’d like to think I’m approachable in this way, attending as many socials as possible.

My organisational skills are a point of pride for me. This year, I’ve been balancing my degree, social life, part-time job and about a dozen societies successfully. The amount of different stuff I do is understandably a concern but I can guarantee that I’m prepared to place my responsibilities as president before my other commitments.

I’m also flexible in that I’m prepared to take up other people’s workloads if they are really struggling. I will say, though, that I know my limits and will not take on too much, valuing the option to delegate and put my foot down on certain things.

Above all that, I’m driven to maintain a welcoming and fun environment, particularly in being the face of the society.



So I’m running for secretary too! On top of what I’ve already mentioned, I have the organisational and networking skills required for booking concert and rehearsal spaces, organising meetings, and contacting whoever necessary to help things run smoothly. I’ve worked in admin before, I know the drill!

I’ve also coordinated many different aspects of various projects, from stage shows, and film festivals, to charity climbing efforts and academic journal publication. I think this falls in my favour for the role of secretary ????


My name is Joe Rutherford, and I am a 3rd year Mathematics student. I have played Tenor Horn in ULMS Brass Band for the last year and a half, and I joined my first brass band when I was 14. Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to be one of the Brass Reps for ULMS Committee; I absolutely loved being involved in the committee this year, which is why I would love to be a member of it again, but I’d love to try my hand at being secretary.

Being a Brass Band rep, I have been involved in the organisation of many events, such as Whit Friday, UniBrass and playing at the Roses opening ceremony just to name a few. I put a lot of time, work and effort into making sure that these events ran as smoothly as possible, and a lot of time management and organisation skills were required, which are valuable assets for the ULMS secretary to have. I have also had a lot of practise balancing a lot of communication with event organisers, conductors, band players and committee members simultaneously, and I think my level of communication would also make me well suited to be secretary. Additionally, I feel like I am a very friendly person and also very sociable, and I believe it is very important for the secretary to be approachable, both for people within and outside of the society.

I am aware that the role of secretary includes (and is not limited to) arranging and minuting committee meetings, booking rehearsal rooms, booking concert venues and contacting a variety of people from within and outside the university, and I believe that I have the required skills to manage all of these important responsibilities. Since I have been on committee, I have a much deeper understanding of how much goes on in order to run the society, and I feel like I would love to put that, as well as my other skills, to use and help the society run smoothly as ULMS secretary.



Hi, I’m Madeleine and I’m running for the position of Treasurer on the 2023/24 ULMS committee. I play the trombone in brass band and this past year I have been the Technician for the society. I have really enjoyed this role and would love to continue to contribute to the running of the society through being the Treasurer.

I’m a third year physics student which means I use numbers a lot, which is an important part of being Treasurer! I also really like spreadsheets and am comfortable using them, as I have a detailed one to meticulously track my own finances. I’d be organised and consistent at updating the ULMS spreadsheet and paying invoices. If I were elected, I would like to continue the transparency of the society’s spending as I believe it’s helpful for current members to feel included and shows what ULMS gives back.

This past year I’ve enjoyed my time on committee and would be excited to spend another year in weekly meetings! With this experience, I have learnt how the committee works and especially how the financial aspect of the society relates to its week-to-week running. I’m thoughtful and a good listener and would use my experience from this committee to make sure next year runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. As well as knowing what it is to be a good committee member, I feel I understand the challenges of the role of Treasurer and feel prepared to undertake the various tasks involved.

I hope you consider voting for me as Treasurer, as I am committed to doing my best at making every member of the society’s experience great. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the AGM!



Hey, I’m Fern and I’m a first year Geography student. I’ve been in Big Band for the whole first term and really loved being able to get back into playing music with a group of other people again! Being in Big band has been one of the highlights of my weeks ever since coming to Lancaster. I play Cornet in Big band but also play piano and ukulele to a decent standard. Music is something I have always been keen to get involved with academically or otherwise which is why I believe I can carry my passion through to this position. I am eager to undertake the challenge of representing Big Band and I hope that I can seem approachable to each and every current or prospective members. Through my efforts, the band will continue to be an awesome space for Lancaster uni students interested in jazz to rehearse amazing music and have a great time together. Thanks for reading! ????



Hi, my name is Sarah Petherick, I am a 3rd year MORSE student and I play the tenor horn in brass and I am also in choir. I have already been brass rep for a year and I think we have done a good job, so I hope to be able to carry that on if I’m given another opportunity to represent the band. I have already experienced all of the organisational things that are needed to be rep. I hope that people in the band already feel comfortable approaching me with any issues or ideas so I think that will help me to continue in the role.

Hi everyone I’m Scott, I’m a 5th year studying Physics and I’d love to be one half of your brass rep. When I first arrived at Lancaster I joined ULMS brass band and wind band and I’ve played in both since. In my time I’ve been to multiple Whit Fridays, Unibrassi, along with many concerts and Sean Barlow quizzes. I therefore would love to use my experience as an ULMS oldy to make the year run smoothly for brass and the society. Finally I would also like to highlight the fact that alongside my experience I will bring a DVD of brassed off to this role free of charge.

Thanks for reading!





I’m Sky (he/they). I am in my second year doing geography. I mainly play the cello but I dabble in many things. Recently, I have particularly enjoyed taking up the boom whacker! I have been involved in the music world playing in numerous orchestras, jazz bands, and chamber groups for over 15 years. I’ve really enjoyed being orchestra rep in the past and really want to continue. In the past year I’ve learned a lot and found my confidence, and I’d really like to take this forward to continue to make the orchestra as fun and as accessible as possible. Please do come and say hi, I’m normally wearing a black beanie!



Hello! My name is Imogen, I am a first year Biomedicine student and I am running for string orchestra representative. I have really enjoyed my first term and half as a member of ULMS, playing the violin in orchestra and string orchestra.

Over the 13 years that I have played the violin I have played in lots of ensembles both inside and outside of school including string groups, orchestras and a folk-pop band. The various roles that I have had as part of these ensembles, including leading my college orchestra and creating arrangements for my folk-pop band, has given me insight into what is required to successfully run an ensemble and has enabled me to develop good communication and organisational skills which I will be able to bring to the role of string rep.

When I joined ULMS in freshers week I really appreciated the welcoming and fun environment of the society created by the current committee members and would like to continue this as a member of the committee and contribute the inner workings of the society. As a first-year student I realise that I have lots to learn but I am up for the challenge and will always be open to hearing your feedback.


Hello!! I’m Darcy, and I’m a first year History and German student. I play the violin in both String Orchestra and full Orchestra, and can also (very averagely!) play the drums, guitar and piano.

I have been playing the violin since I was 11, and have been part of orchestras and quartets ever since then. At school, I helped create and run our guitar ensemble, working with the conductor to find music, arrange parts, lead rehearsals and manage performances. It gave me incredibly useful insight into the logistics of managing an ensemble, and taught me key personal skills like time management, communication and confidence in leadership positions.

Further on from this, I was chosen to help create a partner school’s orchestra, alongside mentoring younger members of this orchestra less familiar to the niches of ensemble playing. Again, this taught me lots about managing a music group, but also important personable skills, such as approachability and adapting musical terminology and techniques to suit a younger audience.

I am running for String Rep to both further develop these logistical and personal skills whilst giving back to the ensemble that has made me feel so welcome at uni, even only 2 terms in! String Orchestra has genuinely become a huge highlight of my week, allowing me to play great music whilst socialising and making friends. I am eager for that to continue and to further blossom going forward, and I will do everything in my power to continue making String Orchestra a welcoming, friendly and social place.



Hi my name is Nnamdi and I will be running for Swing group Rep. I’m currently a first year law student and do Big Band and Swing Group within ULMS. I think I’d be a perfect fit for Swing Group Rep within ULMS because of my vast experience with music.

I have played piano since the age of 5 and am familiar with a range of styles from classical to jazz. I also have a firm grasp on music theory which will definitely benefit me in being a Swing Group rep.

I have experience with ensembles. I got a scholarship to a Saturday music school (CYM) and stayed there for 8 years before coming to Lancaster, where I was in many music groups which helped me build teamwork skills. I was in the LSSO orchestra for 4-5 years as a percussionist before coming to Lancaster, as well as being part of the London Youth Wind Band, these also assisted my skills in working as a team, and built my ability to focus while in a music setting. I have also been in multiple jazz ensembles and played in multiple jazz venues.

I am quite an organized and friendly person and I would hope to bring that energy to Swing Group. Most importantly, why I would be best suited for the role of Swing Group Rep, is because I am a fan of Jazz. I’m extremely passionate about jazz and hope to bring that passion to Swing Group.



Hi, I’m Freya, I’m a first year biomedicine student. I play the clarinet and I am currently part of wind band, orchestra, swing group and clarinet choir. I think I would make a good wind band rep because I am hardworking, reliable and I have experience organising and filing music as well as plenty of experience in setting up for various ensembles before rehearsals. Before coming to Lancaster I was in many ensembles including the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra which was an incredible experience playing incredible pieces like Stravinsky’s firebird and Mars and Jupiter from the Planets by Holst. However, I know from experience that joining a new group can be scary when you don’t know anybody. By becoming wind rep I hope to be a friendly face to newcomers and make them feel as welcomed as I did when I first arrived here.



Hi everyone! I’m Lizzie, a second year French and Linguistics student. I play sax in Big and Wind, and I’m the Swing conductor. Some of you may know me as the former small groups rep, but I hope to continue with the position. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on committee this past year, and genuinely don’t know what I would have done without it.

Before joining ULMS I was never really given an opportunity like our small groups, and having been a part of sax choir since I joined uni last October, I have reaped the benefits first-hand. I have grown as both a player and leader (now that I run it), and I want nothing more than to provide these opportunities for many others to come.

In my year as rep I have helped three new small groups form, as well as being in the process of reviving another, so I have been kept busy looking after all our groups. I would consider myself to be an organised, committed and approachable person and as such I remain an easy point of call between committee and the rest of the society.

I really enjoy playing with ULMS, and I hope I can continue to make it an enjoyable and safe space for others!????



Hello. My name is Ellen Sayles, and I would like to run for the project teaching music coordinator. I am currently a third-year maths student doing my placement year. I play the flute in the wind band since my first year but I have been playing in many groups for the last 16 years. I have also done a bit of teaching and grew up in an environment where my parents were passionate about passing on their love of music.

Before I went on placement, I was part of the exec in this role for 6 months and had such a good time and managed to start building on the work done before me. When I left Ariana picked up where I had left off and from what I have seen, done an amazing job. I would like to re-run for this position because I feel I have more to give to this role. I still have the same passion for the teaching of music the benefits it can give people. What I would like to do in the next year is to continue the growth of the teaching project, making sure we have the resources to allow anyone to get involved and my dream would be to be able to incorporate the students into a performance of some kind. I want anyone part of the project to feel a part of this amazing society.

I wouldn’t be physically in Lancaster until the start of the next academic year but this is a role that is quite easily done virtually. I am going to try and attend as many committee meetings as possible virtually around my placement role and come back to Lancaster to help out as much as I can but this will be difficult to achieve sometimes. I do try and return to Lancaster once a month where I can and I will try and time this appropriately in line with my role. When I return in September, I will take up the normal position as exec again.







Hiya everyone! For those who don’t know me, I’m a first year Physics and Maths student, who has very much enjoyed being part of ULMS for the past couple of terms. Since the beginning of term, I have expanded my involvement out from just Orchestra, and I’m now playing guitar in Big Band and bass in Swing, both of which have been incredible fun. I have also been serving as co-orchestra rep for about a term now, starting about halfway through last term, and it has been a privilege to serve on such a wonderful committee.

When it comes to technician, I believe I’ll be well suited to the role, as I’ve already made myself acquainted with the Medici and it’s workings. I’ve also made key contacts outside the University who frequently rent out our equipment, such as the Haffner Orchestra, and look forward to working with anyone who wants to use our facilities, whether that’s an on campus society or otherwise.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I can help continue to make ULMS the best society in campus!