Meet the Committee 22/23


Robert Moffat

Degree: Geography, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Ensemble/s: Swing Group, Big Band, Wind Band

I am about to go into my third year of a geography degree. I have played music for eight years and particularly enjoy jazz having been a part of Lancashire Youth Jazz Orchestra for four years. I love being a part of ULMS, both the fun, friendly rehearsals and socials, and the amazing performance opportunities. Some personal ULMS highlights have been playing ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ with Penelope and Big Band at the Summer Showcase concert, and during a gig for Clarinet Choir at the Law Winter Ball, the venue had some food spare, so we got a three-course meal in between out sets! Outside of ULMS I enjoy hiking. Plenty of walking also allows me to burn enough calories so I can eat lots of nice food and drink plenty of wine!


Yasmin Bascal

Degree: Fine Art, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Clarinet and Alto Saxophone

Ensemble/s: Wind Band, Big Band, Swing Group

Hi! I’m Yasmin and I’m going into my final year studying Fine Art. I play the clarinet and Saxophone in pretty much every ensemble I can (unfortunately brass band won’t let any clarinets in), including a number of small groups. I have been involved in committee for a year and a half as Small Groups Rep and now Secretary and have thoroughly enjoyed every second. My role as Secretary involves scheduling and taking minutes at weekly committee meetings, as well as booking rehearsal spaces and helping with the general organisation of the society. I am also one of ULMS’ three designated welfare officers, alongside Robert and our non-committee welfare officer Will Oliver.

Being part of ULMS has been a big part of my university experience, so I’m looking forward to another year of rehearsals and socials, and welcoming in some new faces!


Penelope Tollervey

Degree: Mathematics, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Trumpet, Cornet, Violin, Piano

Ensemble/s: Brass Band and Big Band

Hi, I’m Penelope, a 3rd year maths student and I am treasurer this year. I play cornet in Brass Band and trumpet in Big Band. I have really loved being on committee so this is my second year, previously being the big band rep. I’ve been playing the violin since I was 5, the trumpet since I was 10 and have been in many orchestras, brass bands and jazz bands. Outside of doing ULMS and my degree I also play for Freckleton Brass Band and enjoy crocheting, painting and drawing.


Erin McKenzie

Degree: History, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Clarinet and Saxophone

Ensemble/s: Big Band, Swing Group and Wind Band

Hi, I am Erin, I am a third year History student and this years Big Band Rep. Unfortunately due to covid, I was only able to properly get involved in ULMS last year with normal in person rehearsals and lots of socials but I have absolutely loved it and it has been a great part of my year. Before Lancaster, I was involved in multiple musical groups at Croydon Music and Arts, playing Clarinet and Saxophone and I learnt Saxophone specifically so I could join the jazz group. So far in ULMS I have been in Big Band, Wind Band and Swing Group as well as clarinet choir and Saxophone choir. It was great last year having so many opportunities to play in concerts again but I also loved the social aspect of ULMS, particularly the more formal events like the Winter and Summer Balls and I’m looking forward to another year of rehearsals, concerts and socials!


Joe Rutherford

Degree: Mathematics, 3rd year
Instrument/s: Tenor Horn
Ensemble/s: Brass Band

Hey, I’m Joe, one of the Brass Band Reps of ULMS this year, I am going into the third year of my degree, Mathematics. I play the Tenor Horn, and I started playing it almost 10 years ago. I became a member of ULMS last year and joined the Brass Band, then in February I decided to apply to be a member of the ULMS committee. As part of my role, I help organise UniBrass and Whit Friday for ULMS Brass Band, as well as the organisation of our other performances throughout the year. I am very excited for ULMS to start again this year, but I’m especially looing forward to meeting the new people joining ULMS, for the socials to begin, and for us to have another great year as a society!

Sarah Petherick

Degree: MORSE, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Tenor horn and voice

Ensemble/s: Brass Band and Choir

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m going into the last year of my MORSE (Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) degree. I am one of the two brass band reps for this year, and I also sing in the choir. I have been playing the horn for about 7 years and I have been playing in brass bands on and off for most of that time. I have also been singing since I was 4 in various choirs. Outside of ULMS I really enjoy all sorts of crafts, which lead me to making my own Princess Leia dress for one of the band’s favourite events, Whit Friday!

I’m really looking forward to starting rehearsals with the band and socials with the whole of ULMS again this year!


Joe Pickles

Degree: Physics, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Tenor Saxophone and Voice

Ensemble/s: Choir and Big Band

Hi I’m Joe and I sing bass in Choir and play tenor saxophone in Big Band. I’m a third year physics student, and an amateur producer in my free time. I’m excited for another year of making great music with ULMS.


Rowan Hamer

Degree: English Literature, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Violin

Ensemble/s: Orchestra and String Orchestra

Hi I’m Rowan! I’m a third year English Literature student and the String Orchestra Rep this year. I have played violin in ULMS for the last year and a half and had a great time performing the Bach double at the concerto concert earlier this year. I can’t wait to welcome you all to string in the new academic year!


Kate Overend

Degree: Marketing Management, 2nd year

Instrument/s: Saxophone, Piano, Voice and Guitar

Ensemble/s: Big Band, Swing Band and Choir

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a second year marketing management student. This year I am the Swing Band representative and play the saxophone in swing and big band and sing in both choir and chamber choir. Outside of ULMS I am involved in college netball and Marketing society. ULMS is a great way to meet friends and destress after lectures – I am usually at all the socials so feel free to come say hi!


Sky Beardmore

Degree: Geography, 2nd year

Instrument/s: Cello, Piano and Ukulele

Ensemble/s: Orchestra and String Orchestra

Hi I’m Sky (they/them) and I’m in my second year doing Geography. I’ve been playing the Cello for over 15 years and have recently taken to doing some conducting. Aside from music I enjoy archery and a bit of hockey. Come and say hi if you see me, I’m usually wearing a black beanie!

Verity Bolton

Degree: Biology

Instrument/s: French Horn

Ensemble/s: Orchestra and Wind Band

Hello friends, I’m Verity (they/she). I joined ULMS at the start of my third year and have been an enthusiastic member of the society since. I am always wearing my llama hat, and you’re most likely to find me having a laugh with my music friends in a practise room.

Playing music is so important to me, and it makes me incredibly excited to be a part of ULMS and its ensembles. When I first joined the society I played clarinet and self taught myself from scratch so that I was able to take part; ULMS has always been very accepting of all playing abilities. I swapped to horn in February 2022 because it is my favourite and am now focusing all my musical efforts on horn.

On the rare occasion I’m not obsessing over horns or looking at orchestral scores, you will find me down a cave – probably in the Yorkshire Dales.

I’m currently taking a year out of uni between my 3rd and 4th year, but I’ll still be helping out with ULMS from a distance such as making the orchestra announcements on Facebook. You’ll probably still find remnants of my presence though in the form of googly eyes spread around on peoples instruments. I look forward to getting to know you all soon!


Emily Green

Degree: Biology, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Trumpet

Ensemble/s: Wind Band and Big Band

Hi I’m Emily, a third year biology student and one of the wind band reps. I play trumpet in Wind band and Big band and love being a part of ULMS. Playing with ULMS has been lots of fun over the past year and I can’t wait to start another year. A wind band rep, I help organise wind band and represent them in committee meetings. I love attending the socials with ULMS too, especially the bar crawls! Last year I really enjoyed the Great North Jazz festival which Big band competed in. Hope to see you at wind band!

Nia Evans

Degree: Biomedicine, 3rd year

Instrument/s: French horn

Ensemble/s: Wind Band and Orchestra

Hello, my name is Nia and I am a third year Biomedicine student and one of the Wind Band reps for this year. I play the French horn in Wind band and Orchestra and any other opportunity really! I have been playing the French horn for nearly 10 years now and played in numerous ensembles before uni. Outside of ULMS and my degree I volunteer with Girlguiding UK and I love spending time outside (especially at the beach). I am really looking forward to another year of ULMS and making music.


Lizzie Coveney

Degree: French and Linguistics, 2nd year

Instrument/s: Alto and Soprano Saxophone

Ensemble/s: Big Band, Wind Band, Swing Group

Hi everyone! I’m Lizzie, this years small groups rep and I’m going into my second year studying French and Linguistics. I’ve been a saxophonist in ULMS since the very beginning of my time at Lancaster and have loved every second of it! I am excited to be giving conducting a go this year as conductor of Swing group so if you’re a saxophonist, clarinettist or percussionist come and say hello!


Ariana Kubiak

Degree: Psychology, 2nd year
Instrument/s: Voice and Violin
Ensemble/s: Choir

Hi, my name is Ariana and I am a Psychology student in my second year. I sing and am part of ULMS Choir. Back home I am part of Bedfordshire Youth Opera, a company which puts on a full scale opera each year, and this summer I was lucky enough to sing in their gala concert! Outside of music, I love yoga and dance, and I am also in the yoga society her at Lancaster. I love ULMS and I am so excited to get to be a part of the committee this year as PTM co-ordinator and have a role in how the society is run.


Joely Mosses

Degree: Religious Studies and Sociology, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Cornet and Trumpet

Ensemble/s: Brass Band and Big Band

Hi I’m Joely, this years Publicity officer. This is my third year in ULMS and second time on committee; I was Brass Band rep in my second year. I have been playing cornet for 10 years and have started playing the trumpet in recent years so that I can go along to Big Bands and Orchestras. I have been playing in Brass Bands since I started learning cornet so they have become a big part of my life.

ULMS has been apart of many of my favourite uni memories so far, such as UniBrass 2022 and summer ball. I’m looking forward to another year of ULMS and welcoming some new faces!


Lauren Mitchell

Degree: Chemistry, 3rd year
Instrument/s: Voice
Ensemble/s: Choir

Hi! I’m Lauren, a third year chemistry student and one of the two social secretaries. I’ve been singing in choir for the past year and it has been a great way for me to get back into music. Outside of ULMS I love to spend my spare time baking and playing games! Hope to see you all at some of this years socials!

Alice Armitage

Degree: Geography, 3rd year

Instrument/s: Violin

Ensemble/s: String Orchestra and Orchestra

Hi! I’m Alice, a third year geography student and one of your social secretaries for ULMS. I play the violin and have been known to sing to. I’ve been involved in music for as long as I remember and am passionate about the fun and friends that music can bring. In my free time I like watching football and going on walks. I hope to see you at socials soon!


Madeleine Hales

Degree: Physics, 3rd year
Instrument/s: Trombone
Ensemble/s: Brass Band

Hi! I’m Madeleine, the technician for this committee. I’m going into my third year studying physics and I play trombone in the brass band. I got involved with ULMS last year after covid affected my first year at uni, and have really enjoyed being a part of the society. Before joining the brass band I hadn’t played in one before and it’s been a lot of fun being involved and trying to read the treble clef parts!
I’ve spent the summer working for an online learning platform for primary and secondary school students, and enjoying the break from my degree! But I’m looking forward to uni starting again, another year of ULMS and the rest of my time on committee.