Bios for the EGM: June 2022


Big Band Representative

Erin McKenzie

Hi I am Erin, I am a second year History Student and I would like to be big band rep. Within the music society I am in Big Band, Wind Band and Swing group as well as clarinet choir and so I absolutely love music and it has been a big part of my time at university this year. Having spent almost a whole academic year in music, I would like to join committee so that I could become more involved within the society and have more of a role in organising.

This year I was academic rep for my department which means I have had some practice with time management, as well as organising feedback and sitting in meetings, though it would be quite different, there are some key transferrable skills here. Through my degree I have also developed some important skills like communicating and have had some opportunities for working in a team but I would like to have more opportunities for this. Because of my degree, I have also developed organisation and problem solving skills and I am good at working independently when it is needed, which are all skills I can bring to the role.

I have always been involved with music in some way shape or form, whether that was school choirs or bands throughout secondary school as well as being involved in music outside of school within Croydon Music and Arts, gradually becoming more and more involved. Therefore, music has always been something that is important to me and this is a big reason why I would like to be more involved in ULMS.

‘Project Teach Music’ Co-ordinator

Ariana Kubiak

Hi! My name is Ariana and I am running for project teach music coordinator. I’m a first year psychology student and I sing with ULMS Choir. I have been a part of PTM as a teacher and I have loved the experience, as it has taught me so much about singing and it has been brilliant to help other students learn. I am a very committed and enthusiastic person and I would love to be a part of how ULMS runs.

I am running for this role as I truly believe in the impact of this scheme. I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn an instrument and try something new. Music, as we all know, is a fantastic hobby to have and it can introduce you to wonderful people. With Project Teach Music, this opportunity can be available to everyone. Therefore, I am passionate about this role and continuing this scheme for anyone who wants to have a go at something new!

I believe that I am a good fit for this role as I am a very friendly and compassionate person. I enjoy talking to new people and helping others. Furthermore, I feel that having been part of this scheme, I have a good insight and am able to help and solve problems with a compassionate viewpoint. I am very organised and highly efficient and therefore I can help make sure everything runs smoothly and that communication with everyone is done in a productive manner.

I have played music and been a part of choirs my whole life, so I know the joy that a love of music can bring. I hope that with this role, I can help others to share their love of music and introduce people to something that they can really enjoy!