Bios for the AGM: February 2022


Robert Moffat

Hi, I’m Robert and I’m running to be ULMS President. Hopefully most people will know or at least recognise me, but if not, I’m a second-year geographer and I am currently Swing Group Rep. I also play in Big Band and Clarinet and Sax Choir. I’ll briefly mention why I would like to be president and then the qualities and skills that I would bring to the role.

I would like to be president because I really love ULMS! I have really enjoyed meeting lots of new people and making some great friends through the society. I love having a laugh at socials and rehearsals and playing at some great gigs and concerts. Therefore, I would love to be president so I can support as many people as possible in enjoying the society as much as I do. As for why I would make a good president, firstly, because I really love ULMS! Given this, you can be assured that I will put lots of time and effort into supporting and caring for the society. I also have many qualities that would make me a good president: I am confident, friendly and welcoming so I would make new and existing members feel at ease while standing up for what the society believes in at an SU/university level. I am also a good listener, democratic and caring so I would make sure to listen to everybody’s views as well as be sensitive ear for any concerns that may arise. Lastly, I am calm, reliable and organised so would be on top of society business ensuring that members have the best experience possible.

I have been on the committee for the last year and have been attentive and organised throughout, but I do realise I have lots to learn. I would not be afraid to ask for help and I am happy to put in extra time to understand the role and would look forward to continuing the smooth running of an amazing society for the next year!


Yasmin Bascal

Hello my name’s Yasmin and I’m a second year Fine Art student. I play clarinet and saxophone and have been involved in lots of ULMS ensemble and small groups, including wind band, big band and orchestra. I have loved being involved in ULMS, both as a member and as part of committee this year in the role of small groups rep.

Over the course of my run as small groups rep, I have gained valuable insight to how the society is able to run in and out of covid regulations. While I hope this is not something we will need to contend with going forward, this flexibility throughout changing circumstances is definitely something I would bring to the role of secretary. While we ran rehearsals with limited capacity last year and reduced access to rehearsal spaces, it was my responsibility to organise small group rehearsals, ensuring our limited time slots were able to be shared fairly between all groups wanting to rehearse.

Outside of university life, I have been volunteering with Girlguiding for the past 6 years, as a young leader and more recently as a qualified leader. Through this role, I have taken on responsibilities including setting out term plans, organising and running weekly meetings and assisting with residential trips. This experience has allowed me to develop my organisation and communication- all skills key to the secretary role. Alongside these more administrative skills, my time as a Rainbows leader has given me a good understanding of safeguarding, which is crucial to the role of welfare officer, often taken on by the secretary.

While organising committee meetings, room bookings and general admin take up a large proportion of the responsibilities of the secretary, I also understand the importance of providing a friendly, approachable face within the society and outwardly. Through my participation in numerous major ensemble and socials throughout the year, I have got to know people from all across the society, and I would like to think people would be happy to approach me with any queries or concerns.

I would love to continue to contribute to ULMS, and work closely with the new president and committee to ensure smooth running of the society.


Penelope Tollervey

Hi, I’m Penelope! I’m a second year Maths student and I’m running for Treasurer. I play the Trumpet and Cornet in Big Band and Brass Band and I sing in the Choir. I also play violin and piano to a post grade 8 level. I’ve really loved being on the committee this year as Big Band rep because I’ve enjoyed helping to make decisions about the future of the society, helping to organise events and seeing everyone’s hard work come to fruition. I really hope to continue in the committee next year!

Before coming to Lancaster I was a very active member of the Northamptonshire County Youth Orchestra and County Youth Concert Band and several school run groups. I was also the youth representative in the committee of my local brass band, something I really enjoyed. Doing all this allowed me to build my time management and organisation skills.

As a Maths student I enjoy working with numbers and I’m very familiar with spreadsheets! As Big Band Rep this year I have been given an opportunity to learn how the committee works and I feel I’m familiar with the financial aspect of the society. If I became treasurer, I would like to continue the committee’s work in sustainably supporting the musical life of the university so all the groups are able to flourish and fulfil their full potential in the next year!

Thank you for reading!

Big Band Rep

Charly Preston

Hi everyone! I’m Charly and I’m a first year Physics student playing the saxophone in Big Band. I’d love to be your big band rep this year as although I’ve not had much experience, I feel I have the skills to do it. I’m organised, reliable, and proactive so I can respond to member complaints or suggestions efficiently and get rehearsals and events running as smoothly as possible. This also means I can keep track of any events and socials planned and communicate necessary info to the band through facebook.

 I was a part of a band at school and went on tour in Germany with them so I understand the complexities of getting all musicians in the right place and putting on a show in different venues. I also held a senior position in the cadet force at home, so I have good leadership and communication skills that are vital for a rep.

I’m friendly, approachable, and will talk to anyone so I’m really hoping to be able to work with everyone within big band to make our experience as enjoyable as possible.

Brass Band Rep

Sarah Petherick and Joe Rutherford (running as a pair)

My name is Joe Rutherford, and I am a second year Mathematics student. I am a member of the Brass Band, playing the Tenor Horn, and I joined ULMS in September 2021. I first joined my local brass band when I was 14, but I’ve never really experienced what happens behind the scenes of a brass band before, which is one of the reasons that I would love to be a Brass Band Rep. I took part in Unibrass for the first time this year, and I have attended the Whit Friday Marches 4 times, so I think that my input could be valuable in the organisation of these events, and I would also like to help do that. I also know that Brass Band Reps help in the organisation of other events. I think that my organisation skills, as well as my good time management, would help with the running of these events. I love the feeling of community in the band, and I love how everyone works as a team, and that is something that I would definitely like to try to maintain as Brass Band Rep.

Hi, I’m Sarah Petherick and I am a second year MORSE student. I play the Tenor Horn in the Brass Band, and I’m also in Choir and Chamber Choir. I started playing the Tenor Horn when I was 12, and I have been involved in brass banding my whole life. I went from going to every march and concert my Dad’s band played in when I was little, to playing with the band in some of the most important events of the brass banding year in the North East, like Gala Day in Durham. I also played in every band and choir my school had to offer, so I’m very familiar with setting up rehearsals and clearing away after them. I have really enjoyed playing in the band this year and I would love the opportunity to help others enjoy it as much as I do!

We think that we would be a good team as Brass Band Reps because, as well as sitting together in band, we also do similar courses, so we see each other regularly. This means that we are be able to work together well and organise things as a pair. We also think we are both friendly and approachable so people in the band, including new people next year, would feel comfortable coming to us with any questions or issues.

Thanks for reading!

Choir Rep

No Nominations

Orchestra Rep

Sky Beardmore and Verity Bolton (running as a pair)

Hello lovely people! I’m Verity – you’ve probably seen me around as I’m usually wearing my llama hat. I’m a third year Biology student, and this is my first year in ULMS. I currently play clarinet in Wind band and Orchestra, and cornet in Brass band. ULMS is my favourite thing about Lancaster Uni, all of the people are lovely and it’s just so much fun to be a part of. Being in this community I have made so many new friends and experienced so many exciting things I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I want to have a bigger role in Orchestra to continue to provide these opportunities for others. Like so many of us, over lockdown I didn’t have the best experience. However, being a part of ULMS this year has really brought back my spark and has supported me in so many more ways than I was expecting. I feel it’s my duty to give everything I can back to ULMS, and to the best of my ability make Orchestra a safe, inclusive space for everyone to enjoy. When I joined Ulms in October I had just started learning clarinet, and I literally couldn’t play a note in my first rehearsal. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to take part, but all the reps I spoke to were incredibly supportive and encouraging, and I felt included regardless of my musical abilities. I want to continue this supportive atmosphere going forward; anyone can join ulms if they want to.

I’m Sky, I’m the one who’s always wearing a black beanie! I am a first year Geography student. I currently co-conduct String Orchestra, and play the cello in String Orch and full Orch. I want to be able to share my love and experience of music with other people, through being able to help the society. I would like to have a bigger involvement in the management of orchestra so ULMS can continue to be an enjoyable society for all. I am always happy to chat, and can stay calm in stressful situations.

After speaking with committee members I (Verity) feel we would be a good fit for the roles of Orchestra reps. I’m enthusiastic and work well in a team, and am excited to have more responsibility to manage and run Orchestra smoothly. I have played in brass band and many other small ensembles at my schools since age 8, and was Head Girl so am practised in public speaking and negotiating. I have played many instruments to varying degrees of ability, namely violin, recorder, piano, guitar, percussion, clarinet, cornet, flute, french horn (and the kitchen sink according to my old brass band conductor). Sky has played cello for 15 years in numerous orchestras and ensembles, and also enjoys playing piano in their free time. They did music A-Level, so have an extensive musical knowledge. They have also helped out in percussion and music education through school, including being a quartet coach. Together we have understanding and experience from all the sections within the orchestra, which will help us to make informed decisions about the limitations and strengths of each part.

Whilst I don’t have as extensive knowledge of orchestral pieces as some members, I will be using this to my advantage to make the selection of orchestra repertoire a more collaborative process – and therefore orchestra more enjoyable. I will use feedback from our members and work with Sky, our conductors, and the committee to find the perfect pieces to play.

I think as a team Sky and I complement each other well, and our combined experiences and efforts will be highly beneficial to ULMS. We would love to be your Orchestra Reps this year, and look forward to making music with you all soon :))

String Orchestra Rep

Rowan Hamer

Hi I’m Rowan, I am a second year English Lit student, and I’m running for string rep in the 22/23 committee. Over 12 years of playing violin I have played in several ensembles from school orchestras to the National Youth Orchestra. In my last 18 months as a member of ULMS, I have been a part of string orchestra and orchestra (since Covid regulations eased off) and I’ve really enjoyed playing in both. I helped found and later ran my high school orchestra for 2 years, so I have experience in arranging music and setting up, whilst also having to help people with various problems in rehearsals and concerts. I found it challenging but enjoyable to manage the daily tasks for the orchestra and I think I can bring my experience to running string orchestra for the next year.

Swing Group Rep

Kate Overend

Hello, I’m Kate and I’m running for the role of Swing Band Representative and am a first year Marketing Management Student. I am currently a member of the Swing Band, Big Band, Choir and small group Chamber Choir within ULMS. I have found these have given me the opportunity to make new friends outside of my course and college and enjoy attending both rehearsals and socials. I have played the Alto Saxophone, my main instrument, for nearly 10 years and therefore have gained an understanding and appreciation of jazz and swing music and the qualities and capabilities of the instruments involved in this music. Before coming to university I was involved in a choir for 14 years and was provided the opportunity to tour and sing in places such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Notre Dame, and Monserat Cathedral, and was also involved in an orchestra for 8 years, playing concerts and helping my confidence, also adding to my understanding of swing and jazz band repertoires.

Finally, I am a friendly, approachable person with good communication and organizational skills, which I believe will assist me in the role of Swing Band Rep. As a first-year student, I understand that I have a lot to learn, but am happy to communicate and give extra time in order to fully understand the role.

Wind Band Rep

Nia Evans and Emily Green (running as a pair)

Hi! We are Emily Green (she/her) a second year Biology student and Nia Evans (she/her) a second year Biomedicine student. We are running to become your next Wind Band reps! Emily plays the trumpet in Wind Band and Big Band and Nia plays the French horn in Wind Band and Orchestra. 

We both joined ULMS in 2020. We started going to rehearsals as soon as they were in person, and really enjoyed meeting everyone at online socials! We both have a lot of experience in music ensembles. Emily has played trumpet since the age of 10 and has been involved in school and local youth ensembles. Nia has played the French horn since the age of 11 and has been involved school, local youth and national ensembles.  

ULMS has been such a welcoming society especially when joining societies in lockdown. It gives us both the opportunity to think about something other Biology for a bit and spend time with like-minded people. Nia has been Project Teach Music Co-ordinator on committee this year and has really enjoyed the role and wants to continue contributing to the running of the society. We think that we would be great Wind Band reps as we are friendly, approachable and organised. We are both student ambassadors and are happy speaking to new people and welcoming them to Lancaster. We are also committed to ensuring everyone enjoys Wind Band and being a member of ULMS. We really enjoy the variety of music wind band has to offer and would like to maintain this alongside the conductors. 

We have both loved being a part of ULMS so far and are looking forward to contributing to the society over the next year!

Small Groups Rep

Lizzie Coveney

Hi, I’m Lizzie and I’m a first year French and Linguistics student. I’m an ex-flautist who now plays the alto and soprano saxophones. I am currently a part of Big Band, Wind Band and Swing Group, as well as playing in the Sax Choir. As I’m sure is the case for many of you, I have been doing music for most of my life, in a mixture of ensembles, orchestras and jazz bands both inside and outside of school. A highlight of which was always my school jazz band’s annual summer tour in Derbyshire.

Having never properly been a part of a small group like Sax Choir before uni, I have really enjoyed the oppurtunity to try something a bit different, and am very keen to keep these sorts of oppurtunities open to everyone as the small groups rep.

I am an organised, committed and approachable person, so I hope to maintain a smooth communication line between the small groups and committee. I have really enjoyed playing with (and getting to know) ULMS over the last few months, and would really love to be a more active part of how it runs in the future!

Project Teach Music Coordinator

Ellen Sayles

Hi. My name is Ellen Sayles. I am a second-year maths student. I have been playing with the wind band as a flutist for the last year and a half. I am running to be the societies Project teaching Music Coordinator. This role, I feel, is an important part of the society. It allows people to begin to learn and improve their musical skills and to come together with others to create an art we all love. 

I have been playing music for over 15 years now starting with the violin and recorder and then moving onto the flute 10 years ago. I think it is an amazing skill to have and allows you to meet others with this same love. There is so much passion and enjoyment when it comes to music at this university and the fact that, we, as students can pass on this passion and have the opportunity to teach something that is amazing. I know Nia has started increasing the variety of library books and hopes to increase the number of instruments and I am wanting to continue her work to allow everyone’s opportunities to grow.  

I think I would be good at this role as I am a very organized person who gets things done quickly and efficiently to the best of my ability but also really approachable and happy to deal with any problems anyone is facing. I also have some past experience of being on an exec so understand the responsibility that comes with it. In the past, I have been heavily involved in my music department back in high school and the sixth form helping the teachers organize and put together concerts and productions. I have also grown up around a very musical family and have inherited the devotion to this world and passed it on to anyone who wants to learn. At the end of the day, it is all about having fun. 

I really love this community and from day one and have felt really welcome even with the chaos the pandemic left us in. I joined the university and the society in a time when covid was still causing problems. We were having our own lessons and rehearsals virtually and I know the difficulties of learning like this. Now we are actually able to have lessons in person I would find it an honour to be part of someone’s new or continued journey into the music world. 

Socials Secretary

No Nominations

Publicity Officer

Joely Mosses

Hi, my name is Joely Mosses, I am second year Sociology student and am running to be your Publicity officer this year. I have been playing cornet for 10 years and play in brass band and big band. For the past year I have been Brass Band rep along with Robert Davidson, which has been difficult at times, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I believe I would make a good publicity officer for ULMs as having the creativity of making the posters, programmes, flyers, and running the social media accounts is something which I very much enjoy. Now we are returning back to normal concerts with audiences I look forward to what we can do as a society and how we can attract an audience for all of our upcoming events.

This year on committee has been really enjoyable and ULMs has very much been a highlight of my time at university so far, I look forward to the rest of my time in the society.


No Nominations