Meet the Ensemble Reps: 2021/22 Committee

Welcome back to our Meet the Committee series for 2021/22! In this post we will introduce all the ensemble representatives for the fast-approaching academic year, who keep all the ULMS major ensembles running smoothly. As always, if you have any questions or comments about a particular ensemble, don’t hesitate to get in touch either through email (you can find all email addresses for the Committee on the main ULMS website) or through the ULMS Facebook page, and we’ll put you in contact with the relevant Committee member. With that being said, here they all are!

Big Band Rep

Penelope Tollervey

At a glance:

Degree: Mathematics and Statistic, second year

Instruments: Trumpet, violin, piano, voice

Ensembles: Big Band, Brass Band, Choir

I am a second year mathematics and statistics student. I started playing the Violin at age 5 and then picked up the Trumpet and the Piano at age 9/10. For three years, I was a member of the Northamptonshire Youth Orchestra on the Violin and Piano, and was also part of the Northamptonshire Youth Concert Band for 2 years on the Trumpet and the Piano. I got the chance to perform at the Royal Albert Hall three times with them as part of the MFY Proms. I also really enjoys composing – my composition for my secondary school’s Big Band got chosen to be 1/5 pieces performed in Birmingham as part of the MFY New Music Stage. During the summer after the first lockdown, along with my mum and brother I raised over £1000 for the charity Music for All by climbing up 7 hills in 7 days and playing 7 duets/ trios on top!

I am really looking forward to being the Big Band Rep this year for ULMS.

Brass Band Reps

Joely Mosses

At a glance:

Degree: Religious Studies and Sociology, second year

Instruments: Cornet, trumpet

Ensembles: Big Band, Brass Band

Hi I’m Joely, a second year Religious Studies and Sociology student and also one of the Brass Band reps for this year. I play cornet in the brass band and trumpet in big band and really enjoy both ensembles. I have been playing cornet for 10 years and joined a brass band as soon as I started learning. I play in multiple Brass Bands back home in York so I was really happy to be able to play at uni as well as helping to run the band. I am really looking forward to being on the committee this year as well as hopefully getting back to full band rehearsals and even some concerts. Hope to see you there!

Robert Davidson

At a glance:

Degree: Environmental Sciences, second year

Instruments: Trumpet, cornet

Ensembles: Brass Band, Big Band

Hi I’m Robert, a second year Environmental Science student, and I am one of this year’s Brass Band reps. I play cornet in Brass Band and trumpet in Big Band, which has been great fun and has allowed me to meet new people in a time when it was a lot harder to socialise! I have been playing trumpet since I was 7 and have played in a variety of wind bands, jazz bands and orchestras since I began playing. Apart from ULMS, I enjoy hiking, camping and volunteering on my local canals. I am looking forward to being able to get everyone back to rehearsals and to taking the band to UniBrass and Whit Friday!

Choir Rep

Sam Copner

At a glance:

Degree: Mathematics, fourth year

Instruments: Voice, guitar, bass

Ensembles: Choir

Hi, I’m Sam the choir rep, a fourth-year mathematics student. I do a wide range of musical things, I sing in a church choir, sing pop music and I sing with ULMS in addition to playing guitar and bass, sometimes in ULMS but usually just for self-accompaniment. Outside of music I am an avid puzzle fan especially the way of sudoku and hanjie, and I am a keen hiker if I can ever manage to get out of Lancaster.

Orchestra Rep

Elspeth Lewis

At a glance:

Degree: French, German and Chinese, second year

Instruments: violin and piano

Ensembles: orchestra and strings

About to start my second year studying French, German and Chinese, I have a diverse musical background, having played in numerous musical groups before joining ULMS. Outside of music, I do ballroom and Latin dance as well as being an Air Cadet before moving to university.

Over summer I’ve taken part in a variety of language summer schools and well as travelling the country seeing friends and making up for lost time.

String Orchestra Rep

Georgia McRedmond

At a glance:

Degree: Psychology and Linguistics, third year

Instruments: Violin

Ensembles: String Orchestra, Orchestra

Hi, my name is Georgia. I am going into my third year studying psychology and linguistics. I play the violin in both string orchestra and orchestra. Outside of ULMS, I love to sail and spend far too much money on instruments that I learn to play badly. I have spent the summer nannying children in London and travelling to see friends I haven’t been able to see in the last couple years.

Swing Group Rep

Robert Moffat

At a glance:

Degree: Geography, second year

Ensembles: Swing Group, Big Band, Wind Band

Instruments: Saxophone, clarinet, flute

I am about to go into my second year of a geography degree. I have played music for seven years and particularly enjoy swing and jazz having been a part of Lancashire Youth Jazz Orchestra for four years. I have really enjoyed being a part of ULMS in spite of a lack of rehearsals for the first two terms. However, it felt so nice to be able to finally meet the people I had socialised with online and play music; a particular highlight being my first gig with sax and clarinet choir at Picnic by the Pond. Outside of ULMS I enjoy hiking. Plenty of walking also allows me burn enough calories so I can eat lots of nice food and drink plenty of wine!

Wind Band Rep

Caitlin Rees

At a glance:

Degree: Geography, third year

Instruments: Flute, Piano

Ensembles: Wind Band, Choir

Hi! I’m Caitlin and I’m a third year Geography student. I play the flute and the piano in wind band and choir. I have absolutely loved being part of ULMS for the last two years, and I am very excited for rehearsals to get back to some form of normality this year! My favourite ULMS memory was definitely the carolling bar crawl in 2019. Outside of ULMS, I enjoy hiking in the Lakes, working for a circular economy business, and bouldering.