ULMS Committee 2020/21: Meet the Big Three

It’s officially September, which means that the start of the new academic year grows ever closer! If you’re a Fresher or considering joining ULMS this year, we can’t wait to meet you! Read on to meet your President, Secretary and Treasurer for the coming year.

President – James Beadle

Instrument(s): Clarinet

Ensemble(s): Orchestra, Swing Group Wind Band, Clarinet Choir

James is an Engineering student about to start his fourth year. He is no stranger to the ULMS Committee, having previously served as Technician and Treasurer. The 2020 Concerto Concert was his ULMS highlight of the previous year, having watched it grow bigger and better throughout his time at Lancaster – although the Virtual Summer Showcase comes in a close second, as it brought the society back together even though we would not meet in person. After making his way through lockdown juggling work with Netflix, he is very keen to jump back into uni and ULMS life and do everything he can to keep things going in these odd times!

As President, it is James’ responsibility to coordinate the ULMS Committee. He writes the agenda and chairs weekly meetings to make sure everything is running smoothly, as well as leading the AGM and any EGMs that may take place throughout the year. It is also his job to work with the Students’ Union and Great Hall porters to organise room bookings for rehearsals and major performances.

Secretary – Louise Frankland

Instrument(s): Clarinet, Saxophone and a smattering of others as necessary!

Ensemble(s): Wind Band, Dance Band, Clarinet Choir, Sax Choir, Swing Group

Louise is about to start her third year studying Theoretical Physics with Maths. Over her time at Lancaster she has been extremely involved with ULMS: not only does she play in multiple ensembles and small groups but is also in charge of Saxophone Choir and a Swing Group conductor. Her and String Orchestra Rep Amaia also served as Social Secretaries last year, when they arranged the Summer Showcase Aftersocial (complete with ULMS punch!) that became Louise’s highlight of the year. She has spent lockdown adding flute, tenor sax and soprano sax to her already extensive collection of instruments.

As Secretary, Louise is responsible for taking the minutes in weekly ULMS Committee meetings, AGMs and EGMs, as well as answering enquiries and organising collaborative events that involve ULMS throughout the year. 

Treasurer – Verity Bennett

Instrument(s): Voice

Ensemble(s): Choir, Chamber Choir

Self-proclaimed spreadsheet lover Verity is about to commence her fourth year at Lancaster studying Natural Sciences, having also served as President of the Natural Sciences Society over the past year. She has previously been a Choir Rep and currently leads Chamber Choir, as well as being a Choir conductor over the past year. It is no surprise, therefore, that her highlight of ULMS last year was the first ever Choirs Concert – it began as a pipe dream and it was great to see it become not only a reality but also a very successful concert! Over lockdown, Verity and the ULMS Chamber Choir have started a YouTube channel, Together in Music, to share their socially distanced recordings – here is their fantastic rendition of ‘Poor Wayfaring Stranger’, arranged by Russell Robinson.

Verity’s role as Treasurer includes keeping track of the Society’s finances and organising payments in and out, such as membership fees and concert takings. She gives a summary at every Committee Meeting, as well as an annual report at the ULMS AGM.

Thanks for reading! Look out for our next blog post, where we’ll introduce the Ensemble Representatives for each major ensemble, as well as the Small Groups Rep.