ULMS In Lockdown

Hi everyone! Hope you are all staying safe and well. As we enter week 10(!) of lockdown measures, I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people are fed up – I know I am – so here are some ideas from ULMS members of new things to try and ways to pass the time in the next few weeks.


A lot of ULMS members are using this time to try something new and get creative. Knitting seems to be a popular hobby, while others have been experimenting with watercolour painting, cross-stitch and painting by numbers. You can find loads of inspiration and patterns for free online, for example For the Frills is a great place to find crocheting patterns and instructions. There is also evidence that crafts such as knitting are beneficial for your mental health as they help you relax and can lift your mood, so now could be an ideal time to give it a try.

The great thing about these kinds of things is that you can do them with other people and then compare results in your next Zoom call.  If you’re thinking about changing up your appearance then lockdown is also a good time to experiment, whether you decide to dye your hair like Lizzy or upcycle some old clothes.


If you’re fancying something new to binge, YouTube is rich with film and TV recommendations. This can be an ideal place to start if – like me – you sometimes spend more time sifting through the bowels of Netflix or Prime than actually watching something. You could start with this list of classic films recommended by Zoe.

Getting Active

Thanks to Amaia for recommending the NTC (Nike Training Club) app as a way to keep fit in lockdown! It has loads of free workouts that vary in length, intensity and equipment requirements so it’s really worth giving it a try if you fancy improving your fitness, strength or endurance levels throughout lockdown, especially as a lot of us don’t have access to equipment. Skipping and yoga are also great ways to get active with little to no equipment, and YouTube channels like Jump Rope Dudes and Yoga with Adriene have tons of ideas for all abilities. Again, these can be beneficial for your mental as well as your physical health.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention music in this music society blog post. Lockdown has been an excellent opportunity to learn a few new pieces – the IMSLP website has loads of free scores and parts that you can just print off. I have also been learning a couple of piano duets with my stepdad, which have not necessarily always gone to plan – less the Hall of the Mountain King than the Mountain Goat – but they’ve been a lot of fun, and maybe we’ll be able to make it all the way through without cracking up before the end of lockdown. There is also the option of trying something completely new! My brother has bought some cheap second-hand music decks and started learning how to mix from scratch with (mostly) successful results.

Finally, a few words about what the society is up to at the moment. Our social secs George and Isha are putting on regular virtual socials, and you might have seen a few small group virtual performances dotted around on Facebook, especially for the Virtual Roses event that took place a few weeks ago. And if you didn’t, here they are!

Roses Opening Ceremony: Lancaster's Chamber Choir

As part of Virtual Roses Opening Ceremony, we are bringyou you an hour of music! Here is Lancaster University Music Society's Chamber Choir performing When You Wish!

Posted by Virtual Roses 2020 on Friday, 1 May 2020
Roses Opening Ceremony: Lancaster's Clarinet Choir

As part of our Virtual Roses Opening Ceremony, we are having an hour of performances. Here is Lancaster University's Music Society's Clarinet Choir perfmorning You've Got a Friend in Me!

Posted by Virtual Roses 2020 on Friday, 1 May 2020
Roses Opening Ceremony: Lancaster's Brass Quintet

As part of Roses Opening Ceremony, we are having an hour of music and performances. Here is Lancaster University Music Society's Brass Quintet performing Can You Feel The Love Tonight!

Posted by Virtual Roses 2020 on Friday, 1 May 2020

 We are now working on a virtual Summer Showcase that will be broadcast on Lancaster University’s radio station, Bailrigg FM. Watch this space for more information!

Thanks to everyone who contributed! I hope this gives a little bit of inspiration to anyone in need of new things to try or feeling the lockdown blues – take care of yourselves and remember this won’t last forever!