Bios for the EGM – February 2020

We are holding an EGM on Thursday 27th February at 6pm in the JHR to fill the positions of String Orchestra Representative, PTM Co-ordinator and Publicity Officer which were previously left unfilled at the AGM. You can find the candidates below along with a short bio from them.

String Orchestra Representative

Amaia Imaz Blanco

Hello, my name is Amaia Imaz Blanco and I am running to be your string orchestra rep this year. I’m a second year studying Astrophysics, who plays the violin in String Orchestra, Orchestra, and Dance Band. For the past year I’ve had the honor of being your social secretary together with Louise. String orchestra is an ensemble that I hold very close to my heart, and I believe that Hannah (together with our wonderful conductor Robert) has done a fantastic job growing and improving string orchestra, making me enjoy it more every week as time goes on. I want to continue this wonderful work and I think I have the organization and enthusiasm to get it done. I think I can run rehearsals effectively and have a varied music taste that means I could pick pieces (with Robert) that suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. Throughout this year, I’ve helped Hannah with her ensemble rep duties when she needed it, and over the past couple weeks have helped set up rehearsals and organize folders so that I knew what I was getting myself into.

Project Teach Music Co-Ordinator

Emily Hinks

Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m a second year student studying maths! I’ve been in ULMS since my very first week here at Lancaster Uni, and have spent far too much of my time doing ULMS-related activities. I mainly play the flute and the saxophone, so you’ll find me in Wind Band, Orchestra and Big Band, but I’ve recently taken up the drums, so you might see me hiding at the back of Brass too! Along with having been Big Band conductor for over a year and my occasional appearances in Swing and Choir, I feel like I know the majority of people in the society, and understand how the society works fairly well! Therefore, I would like to get even more involved in ULMS and run for committee, specifically for the role of the Project Teach Music Co-ordinator. Since the start of this year, I have had the opportunity to become a PTM teacher, and since I always enjoyed taking music lessons myself, I would love to be able to help give other people the chance to learn too! I think I would be well-suited to this role, as I love to stay organised, and could definitely keep track of all of the spreadsheets and forms associated with PTM! Furthermore, I think it is important to consider not only how I would be suited to the responsibilities I would have to face within this role, but also how valuable I would be as a member of the committee. I think I would fit in on the committee, as I wouldn’t be afraid to voice my opinions, and of course, I would like to help make the society as welcoming and enjoyable as possible!

Publicity Officer

Beth Cook

Hello! Some of you might not know me yet, I’m Beth and I’m a first-year English Language and Creative Writing student. I play the flute in the Wind Band and the Flute Choir, and I have loved being a part of the society so far – especially as I was not that experienced at playing in large groups, so I have definitely learned a lot in the short time I have been here! I would love to become more involved with ULMS as Publicity Officer and think I could do a great job in the role. I am quite an experienced writer, having been a part of several writing projects in my time at school, and have found that I especially enjoy writing articles and journalistic pieces. Therefore, I find the prospect of writing a blog for the society frankly much more exciting than I should, and I have lots of ideas of things we could cover such as the tour this summer and some of the upcoming masterclasses. I also think it would be fun for other members of the society to give their ideas about what we could include in the blog to make it engaging and diverse for everyone. I am organised and reliable enough to post on Facebook, produce flyers and write programmes well in advance of ULMS concerts and events; my degree also means that I have become good at giving and taking advice and feedback, so I think I would be able to work well alongside the rest of the Committee. Overall, I think I would be an enthusiastic, dedicated and valuable addition to the ULMS Committee and would love to use this opportunity to get to know and work the society as a whole, and especially the groups I am not familiar with yet. I understand the level of time and commitment involved in being Publicity Officer if I am elected – specially taking over from Tia – and would like to assure you that I will try my utmost to uphold these standards and show everyone what an amazing society we are. Thank you!

Catherine Liu

Hello everyone, I am Catherine. You may have never heard of me, but now you do (actually I have once posted on the social page to rent a cello, if you could remember). I am a second year fresher playing the violin in both the orchestra and the string orchestra. At first, I considered running for the string rep, but somehow I changed my mind and decided to be your Publicity Officer, for which I have a good reason. I am a media student! Although what I have learned are generally theoretical rather than practical, I believe I have the ability to do the publicity’s jobs after Tia familiarised me with the responsibilities this role requires. Also, in full knowledge of the challenges this job might involve, my enthusiasm for the society is what encourages me to go for it, and I think I would never regret my decision. To prove my potential competence in this job, I have designed some posters with Adobe Photoshop, edited several videos and a short film (with Adobe Premiere Pro), and there are two blogs on their way! Additionally, I would say I am quite good at editing photos, as I enjoy editing the photos I take in my spare time, and I wouldn’t be satisfied until every detail in those photos reaches my expectations, which means I have the confidence to make every piece of my works look the best as it could. With the mentioned above my experience related to this job, hopefully my works would be as fantastic as those Tia has done! As for my wishes in undertaking this role, I would like to gain more experience in this field (media), to build stronger connections with our society as well as its members (i.e. you!), and above all, to do all I could for our society that I love and enjoy being a part of. By the way, I am from (mainland) China, which is rare in our society. Would you like to give me a chance? I would surprise you with my works! Thank you for spending your time reading my bio.