An Inside Look: Committee

As nominations draw to a close and the AGM rolls around, our parting Committee give a final few words of wisdom on what it’s like to be a member of the ULMS Committee.

What’s the best part of being on Committee?

Amrit (Wind Band Rep): I didn’t realise how much ULMS did as a society until being on committee. Its helped my organisation and ability to work in stressful situations as well as opening me up to more musical opportunities at University.

What made you run for your role?

Amrit (Wind Band Rep): I have always enjoyed playing in Wind Bands and the idea of working with the conductors to choose music as well as organising rehearsals and concerts seemed like something I’d be good at!

Katie (Swing Group Rep): After no-one ran for the position in the AGM, I was asked by the previous rep if I would think about standing. I hadn’t thought about it before but as I really enjoyed Swing Group I thought I may as well go for it.

What are the main responsibilities of your role?

Fiona (Wind Band Rep): Setting up the rehearsal room each week, working with conductors to choose music, organising sets for concerts, attending committee meetings, communicating with the band and a lot of photocopying! 

Tia (Publicity): Making posters, programmes, Facebook events and Facebook advertising for our concerts. I also run the youtube channel and the ULMS blog where I have made countless posts about what we’ve been up to.

Ben (PTM): Most of my role is about organisation: logging lessons, tracking payments and attracting new students and teachers to grow the scheme.

Louise and Amaia (Social Secs): Our responsibilities are to organize weekly socials that the entirety of the society can enjoy, which includes the two balls as well as host after socials for certain concerts. 

How do you manage to juggle being on Committee with your degree?

Tia (Publicity): I try to start things well in advance of the event so it’s not a mad rush at the end in the lead up to the event.

Ben (PTM): I try and update all the records and payments 1-2x a week. This means I can manage my workload in a more distributed manner and can ensure that our teachers get paid as soon as possible.

What are Committee meetings like? What is your role in Committee meetings? 

Katie (Swing Group Rep: When you first join committee meetings can seem a bit intimidating, but you soon get to know everyone. It can be fun and it’s nice to hear how everything is going across the society and discuss ideas. However, they can be quite long sometimes when there is a lot to plan. As a rep, my main role is to give my ensemble report on how the most recent rehearsals and/or gigs have gone, any issues that have come up, and anything I have spent or would like to spend money on for my ensemble, as well as participating in discussions and votes.  

Louise and Amaia (Social Secs) the meetings give us a chance to discuss what is going on within the society that week, including planning for concerts. Our main job is to discuss the social for that week and encourage the reps to mention in their notices during rehearsals that week. 

See below some excerpts from our latest Committee meeting! (These videos were filmed with the permission of the Committee and are unlisted on Youtube so are only available here. Please do not share them elsewhere.)

How much of your role involves interacting with the other members of committee?
Fiona (Wind Band Rep): Different events that our band takes part in allowing us to work with almost all the different members of the committee throughout the year. WindBrass means we can work with the Brass Band rep, we work with small groups during the fireworks concert and often get to schedule rehearsals with the choir for the charity showcase. In preparation for bigger concerts, we discuss logistics with other reps and send important information about the band to the publicity officer. We also see everyone in the weekly committee meeting!