Meet Conductors 19/20: Wind Band

We reached our final instalment of meeting this years conductors and what better way to end than with our biggest ensemble – Wind Band! So without further ado, meet this years Wind’s conductors – Matt Hall and Tom Wells

Matt Hall

Degree: Maths

Year: 2

Instrument: French Horn

Ensembles: Wind band, Orchestra

Hi I’m Matt, I’m in my 2nd year at Lancaster. I knew before coming to Lancaster I wanted to be part of the music society and throughout 1st year I have loved playing as part of ULMS. I greatly look forward to conducting the wind band and exploring a variety of repertoire across various genres hopefully including a few of my own arrangements! While not playing with ULMS or studying for my degree I can usually be found in the Cartmel college music practise room attempting to learn some obscure Horn concerto.

Tom Wells

Degree: PhD (Computer Science)

Instruments: Vocal, Cornet/Trumpet

Ensembles: Wind Band, Brass Band (Small Groups: Dance Band)

I’m Tom and I’m excited to start my second year conducting one of the ULMS major ensembles! I’ve only officially been part of ULMS for the last two years of my university life, but I’ve had connections with the society for almost all five through some of the great things they get involved with across campus, such as the musical theatre collaboration with other societies. Last year I had the absolute pleasure of conducting the Brass Band and this year I move to Wind, who I know will be just as challenging and amazing to direct with opportunities arising such as the Charity Showcase and Bonfire Night show. ULMS has been a great opportunity for me to get back into music after my 10 year hiatus, and I have enjoyed every second of it so far. Outside of ULMS I enjoy singing and dancing, as well as working my many jobs (yeah, I actually enjoy working sometimes. Weird, right?). I can’t wait to get stuck back in and I truly hope everyone is feeling the same!

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