Meet Conductors 19/20: Orchestra and String Orchestra

Moving on we meet our conductors for Orchestra and String Orchestra! Orchestra is once again conduced by Tia Arnold and Robert Eves this year and Robert is also taking on the role as String Orchestra conductor which he took up in Lent Term of last year.

Tia Arnold

Name: Tia Arnold

Degree: Natural Sciences

Year: 3

Instruments: Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Violin

Ensembles: Orchestra, Wind Band (Small Groups: Flute Choir and Clarinet Choir)

Hi, I’m Tia and I’m conducting the Orchestra again this year after enjoying it so much last year!. I’m going into my third year studying Natural Sciences. Music has been a big part of my life since about the age of 7 and since then I have tried my hand at many instruments! Before coming to uni I’d never tried conducting before but was keen to give it a go so had a go in one rehearsal. I have Henry to thank for encouraging me to audition to be a conductor and since then I’ve never looked back! Conducting can be nerve-wracking at times but seeing the ensemble come together and play their hearts out is so rewarding and I’m so proud of each and every member of the Orchestra! Outside of Music I enjoy playing badminton, challenging people at Just Dance or reeling off many facts about Eurovision! I look forward to meeting many new faces this coming year in Orchestra!

Robert Eves

Name: Robert Eves Degree: Electronic and Electrical Engineering Year: 3 Instruments: Trombone Ensembles: Big Band, Orchestra, Brass Band, Wind Band Hello, I’m Robert. I conduct Orchestra and String Orchestra and I am a third year Electronic and Electrical Engineering student at Lancaster. When not in lab sessions building ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ characters for my degree coursework, getting lost in mountaintop snowstorms or gatecrashing Choir rehearsals, I also play my trombone in four ULMS ensembles. Bringing a range of well-established and often demanding pieces to rehearsals, I aim to choose music which gives every section an opportunity to develop and showcase their talents. My exuberant conducting style has led to many spirited performances- although perhaps occasionally, as in a memorable performance of William Tell Overture, a little too spirited… I have been conducting the Orchestra almost since I arrived at the university, but was invited to String Orchestra with only a couple of rehearsals remaining before the Concerto Concert in March. Although I hope my career will ultimately lead me to Chartership as an Electrical Engineer, I am determined this will never prevent me from showcasing my love of music.