An inside look: Small Groups

(Featured image is of our Small Groups Inglorious Brassterds)

You may know we have a range of small groups that we offer here in ULMS. But what do these actually entail? Our Small Groups Rep Alex Warwick tells you everything you need to know about our Small Groups below.

“Small groups are a unique part of ULMS, and very different to the major ensembles. They can be formed by anyone, they don’t necessarily rehearse at regular times, and play a wide variety of music. Last year, groups played 1920’s dance music, cheesey pop, and even the mii channel theme!

Throughout the year, small groups play in a wide variety of events. They can often be seen playing on campus, in previous years groups have performed at Fresher’s fair, in the end of year extravs and at the roses opening ceremony. We also have groups who regularly perform in bars around Lancaster and once a term all our small groups perform to the rest of the society.

Currently our active small groups are:
• Clarinet Choir
• Flute Choir
• Inglourious Brassterds (a 10-piece function band)
• Oompah Band
• Chamber Choir
• Dance Band

Joining small groups varies depending on the group, some are welcome to all players wanting to join, whilst others are by invitation. If there’s something you want to play that we don’t currently have a small group for, just send me a message and I’d be more than willing to help set one up.”

If you’re interested in joining a Small Group or setting one up then contact the Small Groups Rep at