Meet Committee 19/20: PTM, Small Groups and Publicity

Today we introduce you to three more of the roles on our committee. PTM Co-ordinator, who is responsible for all things to do with our Project Teach Music Programme (more about that at a later date), Small Groups rep, who is in charge of all the smaller groups that make up ULMS and the publicity officer.

Project Teach Music (PTM) Co-ordinator

Name: Ben Frondigoun

Degree: Theoretical Physics

Year: 2

Instruments: Clarinet, Alto Sax, Piano

Ensembles: Big Band, Choir

About the PTM Coordinator

Hi, I’m Ben. I’m a second year Theoretical Physics student and have the role of PTM Coordinator on the ULMS committee. I play saxophone in Big Band and piano as accompanist for the choir, as well as teaching piano through the PTM programme. I’ve had a passion for music since I was 7 years old and have really enjoyed taking on the challenge of trying to pass on my experience through teaching this past year, which has definitely been a huge learning curve in and of itself. Outside of rehearsals and lessons, I’m an avid member of the Strength Training Society and compete in powerlifting for the university, so once I’m done with all that I normally try and fit a couple of hours in here or there to do my degree!

About the PTM Coordinator’s role

The majority of my role and responsibilities are related to organisation. I keep track of all our teachers and students, and I am the keeper of an ungodly spreadsheet which records all the lessons which take place so I can handle payments accordingly. Around this time of year, I also become quite involved in the publicity of PTM, as we go into the new year with the hope of taking on more students and teachers than ever and building the infrastructure of music education we’re so proud of in ULMS.

Small Groups Rep

Name: Alex Warwick

Degree: Theoretical Physics

Year: 4

Instruments: Tuba, Trombone

Ensembles: Big Band, Brass Band, Wind Band (Small Groups: Oompah Band, Dance Band, and Inglourious Brassterds)

Previous Committee Roles: Big Band Rep (17/18), President (18/19)

About the Small Groups Rep

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m the Small Groups Rep. I’m currently in my 4th year studying physics. ULMS is a big part of university life for me, playing trombone and tuba in a number of ensembles. I joined ULMS in my Freshers week and since then, I’ve managed to find myself doing more and more! This is my third year on committee, previously carrying out the roles of big band rep and president. ULMS has provided me with so many great experiences, including playing in the pit band for musicals, attending amazing socials, and enabled me to meet friends that I’ll keep for life.

About the Small Groups Rep’s role

Small groups are my favourite part of ULMS as they allow people to play a variety of music styles of their choosing. My job as small groups rep isn’t to be in charge of these groups, but to make sure they have everything they need to be successful. Most of the time this is very little, just checking in to make sure they don’t need anything, but I also help organise gigs, rehearsals and music for groups if they need a hand. If there’s a type of music you want to play, I’m the person to talk to!

Publicity Officer

Name: Tia Arnold

Degree: Natural Sciences

Year: 3

Instruments: Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Violin

Ensembles: Orchestra, Wind Band (Small Groups: Flute Choir and Clarinet Choir)

Previous Committee Roles: Orchestra Rep (18/19)

About the Publicity Officer

Hi, I’m Tia and I’m this years Publicity Officer. I’m going into my third year studying Maths and Chemistry. Music has been a big part of my life since about the age of 7 when I first took up Violin and Cello (Sadly, I have lost my ability to play the Cello). I gave up the Violin in favour of the Flute and other instruments but re-taught myself violin a few years ago. The Alto Sax is the most recent addition to my collection of instruments which I am still learning. Alongside music, I play badminton and I am a massive fan of Just Dance and Eurovision!

About the Publicity Officer’s role

My role is all to do with publicising the society and our concerts. This includes me making posters and programmes for our concerts, facebook events, Fresher’s Fair flyers, designing a new banner etc. If it’s got the logo on it there’s about a 90% chance I designed it! I’m also in charge of the blog so all these posts are organised and posted by me! I enjoy releasing my creative side via this role and although the deadlines and pleasing everyone can get stressful, it’s fun to play round with layouts and designs to find what works best.