Meet Committee 19/20: Ensemble Reps Part 2

There’s three more ensemble reps left to meet so without further ado lets meet the reps for Brass Band, Orchestra and Wind Band!

Brass Band Representative

Name: Lizzy Morritt

Degree: Biomedicine

Year: 2

Instruments: Cornet, Trumpet, Tenor Horn

Ensembles: Brass Band, Wind Band (Small Groups: Oompah Band

About the Brass Band Rep

Hey guys, I’m Lizzy and I’m a second year studying Biomedicine. I started in ULMS in freshers week where I was introduced to the brass band and overtime joined more bands and picked up more instruments. I have been playing the cornet for 10 years and I am part of a Brass Band organisation back in my home town of York. Being able to keep up my hobby and represent the university brass band has been a fantastic experience. As you will come to learn I am a very big brass band nerd and always happy to talk anything brass for hours. If you ever need a good starting conversation, just ask about moving valves at unibrass! I’m short, overexcited and always up for a laugh! I’ve loved socialising with everyone in the society, I’ve made so many great friends and am looking forward to making more. ULMS has pretty much taken over my life and I’m never at home (just ask my house mates) but I wouldn’t change it!

About the Brass Band Rep’s role

The brass band is one of the most active ensembles in ULMS so the role of rep can sometimes be a challenging task. On a weekly basis I am responsible for the general admin and organisation of the band. This includes handling music, organisation and setting up/down at rehearsals. I am also responsible for the preparation of the band in annual concerts run by the society, including; the summer showcase and the wind and brass annual concert in second term. Brass is one of the only ensembles that partakes in other events outside of the society, the two main one being Unibrass and Whit Friday. Unibrass is an annual National competition where around 20 universities from around the country come together to compete in 2 sections at a host university. My job is to organise the transport and generally run the weekend for the band as well as making sure no one gets lost in the hills of Bangor! The other main competition is Whit Friday in the summer term. Here I take a coach full of fancy dressed students to Saddleworth to play marches around the villages and rewind after exams. This has been such a great event to organise and also a great opportunity to witness some amazing bands in the Brass banding world. I have loved being Brass rep these last couple terms and am excited to see where it takes me in new term.

Orchestra Representative

Kieran Stringer

Degree: Computer Science

Year: 2

Instruments: Clarinet

Ensembles: Orchestra, Wind Band (Small Groups: Clarinet Choir)

About the Orchestra Rep

Howdy! I’m Kieran, a second year studying Computer Science. I’ve been playing music since I started primary school, and I took up clarinet at the start of secondary. Within my first weeks at uni I’d already joined three groups in ULMS, and if given more time and instruments I’d join even more! Since I first started playing I’ve always played in ensembles, so it was important to me to continue this at university and becoming Orchestra rep has only added to my experience in the society. Outside of ULMS I practise medieval combat and spend far too much time singing to myself-although not necessarily at the same time.

About the Orchestra Rep’s role

The role of the Orchestra Rep is very similar to the other ensemble rep roles. It involves setting up rehearsals with the conductors and making sure everyone knows when and where they are, and likewise making sure everything is prepared when concert time comes around. Before concerts, there is also discussing with the conductors about which pieces we’ve rehearsed to include, and in which order. The rep is also responsible for obtaining and organising music-then finding replacements for that music when the music fairy mysteriously makes it vanish…

Wind Band Representative’s 

This year we have two members acting ad joint reps for Wind Band

Name: Fiona Bower

Degree: Natural Sciences

Year: 2

Instruments: Euphonium

Ensembles: Wind Band, Brass Band (Small Groups: Oompah Band)

About the Wind Band Representative

Hi my name is Fiona, I’m a second-year student studying ecology and environmental science. I play euphonium in wind band, brass band and in the small group, oompah band. I also make up one half of the wind band rep team alongside Amrit! I nervously joined ULMS in my first couple of weeks as a fresher playing a borrowed euphonium (this year I’ll make sure my own instrument actually fits in the car!) and I’m so glad I did. Since then I have really enjoyed rehearsing, going to the socials every week, and meeting so many wonderful people. I’ve loved getting involved in the society, so much so I went for the role of wind band rep and I can’t believe I have now already spent half a year on committee. I’m really looking forward to another great year at Lancaster!

Name: Amrit Phull

Degree: Mechatronic Engineering

Year: 2

Instruments: Guitar/Bass Guitar, Voice (Tenor), Flute

Ensembles: Wind Band, Big Band, Choir, Brass Band

About the Wind Band Representative

I have always done music while growing up in Birmingham, be it for fun or at school. When I came to Lancaster and joined the music society, I thought I’d be taking a step back from music and trying more new things, but a few weeks into uni and I was in a few major ensembles and the pit band for Jekyll & Hyde. I have made so many amazing friends in ULMS, especially doing the musicals, and if you’d told me last October that I’d be this involved in the society, I wouldn’t have believed you. I’ve loved getting more use out of my electric and bass guitars, and helping to run the wind band which was always my favourite ensemble back home. I also swim for the uni so I am always busy, but who said that was ever a bad thing!! I’ve loved my first year of ULMS and look forward to many more

About the Wind Band Representative’s role

Our role as joint wind band representatives includes working with the conductors to choose the best music for the band to play, organising concerts and setting up/packing away wind band rehearsals. Our job also involves representing the bands members’ voice in committee meetings. As wind is the biggest major ensemble in ULMS, we work together to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, especially for the concerts!

And that completes our Ensemble Reps! Next we move onto some of our other committee roles including PTM Co-ordinator and Small Groups Rep!