Meet Committee 19/20: Ensemble Reps Part 1

In today’s instalment of Meet Committee, we meet the first of the ensemble reps: Big Band, Swing Group, String Orchestra and Choir!

Big Band Representative

Name: Hannah Bayliss

Degree: History

Year: 2

Instruments: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, and Saxes (mainly Tenor but really whatever is needed!)

Ensembles: Big Band, Wind Band, Swing Group, Orchestra (Small Groups – Clarinet Choir and Flute Choir)

Previous Committee Roles: Big Band Rep 18/19

About the Big Band Rep

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m the Big Band Representative. I play woodwind in four of the major ensembles and in a smattering of small groups, as well as being one of the Swing Group conductors for the next academic year. I joined the society in the first week of first year intending not to get too involved – by term 2 I was on the committee as Big Band Rep! Although I’m just starting my second year of uni, this will be my third year in the society as I took a year off my degree for health reasons. ULMS was invaluable in supporting me over the last year and gave me some incredible opportunities. Playing in the pit band for a musical is one of the high points of the year, as well as being able to continue my role as Rep. However, I am most grateful for the opportunity to arrange a medley for the whole society as part of our summer concert. Having had a year out, I am looking forward to returning to my degree and inevitably finding a way to bring obscure musical knowledge into my history essays. I hope to carry on arranging for small groups such as Clarinet Choir, here’s hoping the Mii Channel Theme won’t get accidentally submitted as coursework…

About the Big Band Rep’s role

Being the big band rep means I’m generally responsible for the logistical running of the band, while the conductors handle the music side. We will always discuss and deliberate over set lists and what to play that will suit the band best, but during rehearsals I take the role of a player. Before and after rehearsals the conductors and I will set up and down the kit needed – this means wheeling the formidable drum and stand trolleys from the cupboard to the Jack Hylton Room! I’ll also make sure to announce anything of note in the rehearsal and put a reminders post up in the Facebook group for anyone who couldn’t make it. I am also responsible for organising our folders and music, helping to organise gigs, making sure we have a full band to play at said gigs, and choosing the conductors for the next academic year. As a general rule, if you’re unsure about something or have a question about Big Band then I’m the person to talk to; it’s my job to make sure the players are comfortable and happy in the band.

Swing Group Representative

Name: Katie Farr

Degree: English literature, creative writing and practic

Year: 2

Instrument: Alto saxophone

Ensembles: Swing group, Wind band

About the Swing Group Rep

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m the swing group rep. I’ve been playing the saxophone for 12 years, and I’ve been doing jazz for the last 9. I joined swing group and wind band in my first week at uni and joined the committee in second term. I’m one of the few committee members not doing a science degree! I love reading and writing, and my ultimate goal is to become a novelist. If I get any spare time I also like to bake and do nail art.

About the Swing Group Rep’s role

Being swing group rep is a fun role as it’s one of the smaller ensembles, but there are still plenty of gigs to arrange and get involved with. The rep has to set up for rehearsals on Wednesdays, control the group budget, take part in committee meetings, and of course organising swing group concerts. Swing group takes part in the Freshers’ concert and summer concert as well as a Christmas jazz concert and playing for a swing dance social.

String Orchestra Representative

Name: Hannah Sames

Degree: English Literature

Year: 3

Instruments: Violin

Ensembles: String Orchestra, Orchestra

About the String Orchestra Rep

Hi everyone, I’m Hannah and I’m a third year studying English Literature! I’ve been in ULMS since first year and have steadily gotten more and more involved before joining the committee last year. I’ve been playing the violin for too many years to count and being in ULMS has given me the chance to continue this alongside so many amazing people. Before coming to university, I had never been able to play in a string group, or the pit band for a musical, let alone get involved in the administration side of concerts and ensembles. Even though it now takes up a big part of my week, when I’m not doing something violin related I’m either attempting to do my degree, trying to remember to how to play to piano, or reading any kind of book.

About the String Orchestra Rep’s role

Like all the other ensemble reps, we are essentially responsible making sure that everything in our chosen ensemble runs smoothly. Whether that’s running (frantically) around trying to photocopy sheet music, sorting out a set list with our conductors, and making sure that all of our players are in the right place at the right time, there is always something to get done. String group is one of the society’s smaller ensembles, and although we’ve been performing at our best over the last year, I’m excited to see what this year’s freshers can add to our ensemble!

Choir Representative

Name: George Allin

Degree: Religious Studies

Year: 2

Instruments: Bass (Voice)

Ensembles: Choir

About the Choir Rep

Hi, I’m George, and I’m a second year Religious Studies major. I’m currently on the committee in the role of Choir Rep. Having been in a variety of choirs throughout my life I joined the ULMS Choir in my first week at Uni and have quickly become more involved ever since then. Elsewhere in the society, I was part of the Chamber Choir in my first year and this year have been convinced to pick up my long-neglected violin. When not at choir, you can usually find me either in Griezedale Bar enjoying a cocktail and complaining about politics or annoying my housemates making a mess in the kitchen.

About the Choir Rep’s role

The Choir Rep’s responsibilities involve helping organise rehearsals. This includes ensuring there is somewhere to practice, purchasing music for the conductors, and becoming very familiar with the photocopier. I also represent the choir at weekly committee meetings, keeping the society up to date with what is happening in rehearsals, voicing any concerns, and working with other committee members in putting on concerts. The Choir Rep acts as the first port of call for members of the ensemble, whether they can’t make a rehearsal, need information about a performance, or want something brought up to the committee. But most importantly I bring the biscuits each week, a vital part of every rehearsal.

Next up we’ll. be meeting our Brass Band Rep, Orchestra Rep and our Wind Band Reps!