Summer Showcase 2019: Orchestra are Go!

We’ve made it to the last ensemble with just two days left until the Summer Showcase! The final ensemble rehearsals have taken place this week and all that’s left is the Showstopper rehearsal tomorrow and last minute Saturday rehearsals. Last but by no means least, we have the oldest ensemble and the current ensemble of the year – Orchestra. Their current rep is Kieran Stringer and they are conducted by Tia Arnold and Robert Eves.

Orchestra playing at the Freshers Concert – October 2018

Orchestra has grown so much over the past year after being named ensemble of the year 2017/2018. Fresher’s attracted many new faces and they were sounding as strong as ever as they performed in the Freshers Concert back in October. They played two of the pieces they first performed at last years Summer Showcase and they proved to everyone just why they were voted ensemble of the year and showed how much their skills and sound had developed over the last 12 months.

Christmas saw Orchestra’s first major concert occur with the Christmas Concert at the priory taking place. Here Orchestra played movements from the Christmas classic ‘The Nutcracker’ along with the modern Christmas song Sleigh Ride. They also treated the audience to Dmitri Shostakovich’s Waltz No.2 for Jazz Orchestra showing a side of the orchestra not seen before and completing their set with the more classic piece ‘Little Fugue’ and the Christmas classic The First Noel accompanied by choir. The sound of the strings echoed round the priory and the tone of the wind and brass sections reverberated around filling the audience with warmth as Orchestra played their set like seasoned professionals. The Orchestra set showed just how versatile orchestra can be from playing classical to jazz and more modern music; if you can find music for it I’m sure Orchestra can play it!

Moving into Lent term saw Tia Arnold and Emily Moore step down from the role of Orchestra rep (after doing an amazing job transforming the ensemble over the past year) and passed on this role to keen fresher Kieran Stringer who was optimistic he could carry on the work of promoting the Orchestra. The Concerto Concert soon followed on and the Orchestra impressed once again playing the first movement of Beethoven’s famous 5th symphony, the theme from New York New York, In the Hall of the Mountain King and William Tell Overture. These pieces, whilst all being classic Orchestra pieces, showed once again the technique and versatility of the Orchestra. Alongside these pieces, the Orchestra performed two separate Concertos with soloists James Beadle (Clarinet) and Matt Hall (French Horn). These concertos showed off the skill of both the individual players and the Orchestra’s ability to adapt to a new type of music – impressing the audience throughout their lively set.

And this brings us to this term and the final preparations for the Summer Showcase. Orchestra have been working as hard as ever in order to perfect their set in time for Saturday, working hard on phrasing and dynamics, especially contrast in sections of their pieces. Orchestra are excited to share with the audience their pieces and are all proud of the progress they have made and the sound they are continuing to make.

Orchestra rehearse on Thursdays in the JHR from 7-9pm. For more information contact Kieran Stringer at or message the facebook page.

And there we have it, that completes our look at the ensembles years and their preparations for the Summer Showcase! Everyone has worked so hard this year and praise must go out to all players, reps past and current, all committee members and conductors for their continual hard work organising both rehearsals as well as the concerts to such a high standard. Every member is looking forward to our last rehearsal for the Showstopper on Friday evening and run-throughs on Saturday ready for the concert Saturday evening. We wish every performer and conductor well for the concert and hope each ensemble has their time to shine and share their talents with the audience.

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