Bios for the AGM February 2019


Henry Lay

Hi guys, most of you will know me, I’m Henry and I’m a 3rd year Physics student. I conduct Wind Band, play in the Brass Band and sing with Choir. I’ll keep this brief as I know you’ll have many of these to read! Fundamentally, I believe I have the three key attributes to be the next ULMS President: experience of all aspects of the society, the skills to effectively run the society and some ideas to push us forwards.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being on the current ULMS committee as PTM Co-ordinator. I’ve managed to grow the scheme with a total of almost 150 lessons taught in the last year. I developed a new system for PTM, using Google Forms and PayPal, to make the scheme more independent and easier to manage. I’ve also thrown myself into all of the general responsibilities of being a committee member such as setting up concerts, attending meetings and representing the whole society and its views.

Being President is all about having a good overview of the society. I play in 3 major ensembles (instrumental and vocal), 2 small groups, have a good knowledge of the PTM scheme and have been involved in collaborative events with other societies, such as LUTG musicals and LUBDS’s Charity Showcase. I am, therefore, best placed to preside over the day to day running of ULMS. This would also allow me to have a balanced approach to the interests of the different ensembles.

Currently, the only way that ULMS members find out committee decisions is by word of mouth in County bar. Minutes are requestable by any ULMS members but realistically this is not the best way of distributing information. I would ensure that when committee make decisions that affect the whole society, an email is sent out with the key details of such a decision.

We all work so hard to put on fantastic concerts and we often get some lovely feedback from our audiences. I think we should do more to keep in touch with these people and encourage them to come back to other concerts. I would set up an ‘ULMS supporters’ mailing list consisting of locals, friends and parents in order to try and build up a regular audience base.

ULMS has had a brilliant year. My personal highlight was the incredibly high quality of the performances put on by all ensembles at our Christmas concerts. I’m excited for another year of excellent music in fantastic company and I hope you will consider voting for me as your President, so that I can give my all to make sure everyone enjoys it as much as me!

Morgan Winyard

Hello there! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Morgan and I’m a second-year student studying Geography and part of Cartmel College. I am a proud member of Wind and Brass. I am currently not on the committee, but I’m the Brass Band conductor.

To have the opportunity of running for President shows something incredibly important which is fundamental: it is providing equal opportunity for all, which is a motto that I personally believe in and want to push forward if I was given the chance to become President. I want to really stress that just because I am the conductor of the Brass Band, it does not mean that I would be biased towards any ensemble or small group if I was President. I strongly encourage the success of all ensembles in every event or concert they take part in. I may not have the same experience as other candidates in terms of being on committee prior to running but having a strong leader with unique experiences and a fresh approach is pivotal for ULMS. Removing the stigma of the ‘cliché’ appearance is something that needs to be tackled, because it would encourage potentially other musicians to join what is currently an amazing society. Furthermore, it is vital that the major ensembles demonstrate unity with each other, so encouraging stronger connections between each group would strengthen the appearance of ULMS but it also poses for more exciting concert opportunities in the future.

Presidency doesn’t solely mean authoritative; it means co-operation with the committee to discuss your ideas, co-ordination in terms of giving the society a sense of direction and purpose, and also resilience to all the challenges ahead and to overcome such barriers. These traits are something that I possess and have developed over the years in different leadership roles I have taken, from being Deputy Head Boy at Sixth Form and leading school meetings, to working shifts as a manager at work. Being a conductor for a youth band prior to starting at Lancaster meant that I could develop more confidence and strength in myself to do things for others for the greater good – a phrase that I stand by.

At the end of the day, I would love to be President because I feel like I can provide the tools necessary to strengthen and nurture a society which means a lot to me. ULMS has given me so many experiences which no other society can, and also has given me the platform to make some of my closest friends, which every musician deserves. Being a warm, friendly person is needed to allow people to feel like they can and speak to me about anything, but also this friendly atmosphere should be encouraged all year round, especially during the start of each academic year to draw in new musicians to expand the ULMS family. I hope that this wholesome, but strong stance will be enough for you to vote for me!

Charlie Alexander

Hi, I’m Charlie Alexander, I’m your current treasurer of ULMS and a third year Natural Sciences student. I am a member of choir, through which I started my time on committee as choir rep, two years ago. I enjoy being an active member of this society, both through singing in various groups as well as socials. I wish to run for President because I believe that I have the skills for the job and the passion for ULMS which would make my time in this role beneficial for the society. I am grateful for everything that I have learnt from ULMS musically, the opportunities it has provided and the people it has allowed me to meet. This is why I want to give back my time and experience as President, to continue to provide the fantastic experiences which ULMS brings to its members. As a big society which brings together different groups of musicians I merit the uniqueness of how ULMS runs. The way ensembles collate and work together towards the same end goal, of achieving the best music, is unique quality that ULMS possesses, and one it should be proud of. That being said it requires experience of organisation and the processes that the committee must go through each year in order to ensure that everything that we want to happen, does so. The amount of behind the scenes work that the committee undertake astonished me during my first year on committee. It is only now, after two years on committee, that I believe I have the best knowledge and understanding of everything that must occur each year for ULMS to function. This will then allow me to be organised and prepared for events and queries throughout the year, allowing ULMS to run smoothly. As neither a string, brass or woodwind player it allows me to provide a balanced overview and show no bias towards a particular instrument or ensemble. Over the past two years I have gathered plentiful knowledge of each ensemble’s problems and strengths, so that I will be well informed to support and make decisions regarding all of the ensembles. We have a large range of musicians in our society, from beginners to life long players, and as someone who is somewhere in between, I feel as if I can relate to most people in this society. I appreciate and believe in the desire to be the best that we can be, and strive beyond what we’ve done before, but I also understand that we should be inclusive and welcoming for all abilities. These are the key values of ULMS which I want to continue striving for, but with neither of them being at the expense of the other. With that being said I would like to help improve our musical abilities by encouraging the introduction of masterclasses for each musical branch in the society. I believe it is important to encourage our development and a good use of the societies funds as everyone will benefit. I believe I am a fair person, excited to hear and work with other peoples ideas. I have had experience of leadership and enjoy working with committee to get things done which prepares me for this role. Communication is a huge part of being a good president and I believe that I am a friendly and open figure within ULMS, and I hope you would feel that you could bring anything to me in this role. This will allow ideas to develop within the society and bring about any wanted changes or opportunities for the society, which I feel I will be able to initiate if elected. I have gotten heavily involved in ULMS during my time at university, due to it being something I truly love being a part of, and that is not something that I would want to change. Having lots of experience of the society, an open and friendly persona and the drive to get things done, is why I believe that I will be a good president and hope that you agree and vote for me.


James Beadle

Hello everyone, hopefully most of you know that I’m James, I’m a second-year student studying engineering, and am looking to take on the role of Treasurer.

It’s quite scary, to think that it’s been over a year and a half since I first joined Orchestra, my first ULMS group. And ever since then, slowly but surely, ULMS has somehow managed to take over my life. I now do something music related almost every day. From Wind Band, to Swing, Orchestra and Clarinet Choir, chances are you will find me somewhere around here.

A year ago, I also became the ULMS technician, which when asking what it actually was the technician did, I was told ‘ULMS doesn’t really need one’ I would however like to thank everyone who was there that voted for me (I recall there being some tough competition) as I see now running for it was definitely the right choice to make.

It was a privilege to play an important role in such a large society, alongside a group of amazing people – and yes, if there is anything I feel I’ve achieved as technician, it was to prove the importance of the role within the society. Just to name a few of my jobs:
– Those of you that have the opportunity of moving the electric piano will know it weighs almost as much as a grand piano – I installed reinforced handles allowing it to be moved around more easily
– Not that I’m counting, but I’ve probably fixed any stand that you use at least twice
– The new shelf in the Medici was put up by me, which should help keep the medici cleaner for longer after its been tidied – usually by me
– I created and set up a new hiring system for ULMS, allowing hirers to input their request into a google form, which would auto add what they needed and when to the ULMS Google calendar – this will hopefully make the hiring of equipment much smoother and easier for any future technician (as it did for me)

There is another part of being on committee, which is less apparent to when you would first apply. This is to be involved in discussions and debates that may lead to changing the way our society is run. Admittedly, from a year by being technician, I may not say as much as others. But when I feel my opinion needs to be heard I will not hesitate before speaking up.

As far as financial experience goes, I have a part time job which involves me keeping financial records up to date, so clients are billed the correct amount for the work we do. Also, although it’s not directly related, my degree basically boils down to keeping track of and manipulating numbers.

I feel that the role of Treasurer is right for me this time round, as I am keen for a new challenge. I enjoy being involved and will work at any obstacles I face. My degree relies on me being organised and making things work – I feel that I can apply this to be a part of Committee which will lead to another year of great musical practices and performances.

Verity Bennet

Hello everyone, I’m Verity and I would love to run for the role of treasurer this year! ULMS was the very first society I joined in freshers week last year and ever since my first choir rehearsal it’s been such a lovely part of my life at uni. Having spent the last year on committee as choir rep, I truly feel as though I have succeeded in all the things that I set out to do this year and would love to stay on the committee to achieve even more. A few of my personal highlights in my time as choir rep include: the choir having rehearsals with 35+ members in attendance, flash mobbing the lion king at a wedding and even being invited to perform at Carnegie Hall, New York. I’m also very excited to have recently been given the privilege of becoming a conductor for choir as this ensemble will always be very dear to my heart and I’m excited to see what the next year brings for us. Although choir is love, choir is life, I’ve loved being on committee and watching other ensembles in ULMS grow and succeed this year, especially knowing that my friends’ passion and hard work is paying off. Aside from the usual tasks, I would love to use a position on committee to continue to organise concerts such as the joint small choirs’ concert later this term and promote more inter-ensemble performances throughout next year. On committee, I have always been vocal about my opinion in meetings and am confident that I would continue to do so as treasurer. Before anyone says anything… no, I’m not just trying to slowly assume Charlie Alexander’s identity… but after discussing her time as treasurer this year, I truly believe that I am a perfect fit for this role on committee. My degree is almost entirely applied mathematics and I have a bit of an unhealthy love for spreadsheets, especially in excel. I’ve handled budgets and accounts before, mainly through charity fundraising at my sixth form but this experience ensures that I will settle into the role quickly and smoothly. Alongside studying Physics and Computer Science (the non-natural natural sciences) I have a part-time job, so I know the importance of managing my time. Furthermore, I am an approachable and hardworking individual and given my experience of organising an ensemble I really do feel as though I have the right skill set for this role. I’ve always been ambitious and never shy away from difficulty and I know that I would work hard and thoroughly enjoy any challenges this role may bring. Overall, I’m incredibly grateful to be in such a friendly and welcoming society such as ULMS and I would love to be able to support it again this year, if not even more so.


Tia Arnold

Hello my name is Tia and I’m a second year Natural Sciences student studying Maths and Chemistry. I currently play flute, piccolo and clarinet in wind band, orchestra, flute choir, swing group and clarinet choir. I can also play violin and guitar and I’m currently learning the saxophone. I am a conductor for Orchestra and have been on committee this past year as one half of the Orchestra Rep position – bringing Orchestra to the point it is now: Ensemble of the Year! Recently I have become a flute teacher for PTM. The music society has given me so many opportunities to try things I would never have had the chance to before, such as trying my hand at conducting and teaching my instrument to others. Showcasing the achievements of the society through our concerts and events are key to the societies success. Being in so many ensembles has given me great insight into what all the different groups need for concerts and gigs and has given me knowledge of how to best promote them. I am keen for publicity to be pushed further this year, making the events more well-known and spread to a wider range of audiences both on and off campus. Being on committee for a year means I already know what concerts and gigs we have throughout the year and how they work, which would enable me to promote these to the best of my ability to suit each concert/ensemble.

String Orchestra Rep

Hannah Sames

Hi everyone, I’m Hannah and I am a second-year student studying English Literature. I’ve been playing the violin for most of my life and am very thankful that ULMS has given me the opportunity to continue this while at university. I’m currently a member of String Orchestra and Orchestra, and occasionally play in the band for LUTG musicals. Over the last year, String Orchestra has had quite the journey, becoming a tight knit ensemble not to be underestimated. As we do not currently have a conductor, the group has slowly grown into a collaborative process, with each player bringing something to our collective sound. I believe that a huge reason for this improvement is the role of the rep, with them choosing pieces that show off what we can do and creating an environment where we feel comfortable enough to experiment and discuss collectively how to improve. I feel as though my love for this ensemble and a degree that relies on structuring my time successfully outside of contract hours will allow me to help in the practical side of running it and give me a chance to become a more active part of ULMS. I like to think that I am someone who is approachable enough for prospective members to go to and I hope that members of ULMS would feel as though I am someone that could positively add to the committee. My main goals for String Group include expanding our size, continuing to play interesting and exciting pieces in concerts, and attempting to find a conductor from within either the ensemble or the society as a whole. Finlay has been the driving force behind our improvement over the last months, and I hope that I will be able to continue the amazing work he has started.


Ben Frondigoun

Hi everyone, I’m Ben, a first year physics student running for the role of technician. I believe that the busy and technical nature of my degree leave me well suited to this role, as it demands a lot of organisational and time management skills. I have some prior experience in roles of this nature, as for several years I assisted greatly in the management of various school ensembles. Having spoken to the current technician, I understand what this role demands of me and am confident that I can meet those requirements. This, on top of my ability to learn quickly and dedicate my focus to a role, makes me confident that I am a strong candidate for this position in the society.

Social Secs

Louise Frankland and Amaia Imaz Blanco

Hi everyone, we are Louise Frankland and Amaia Imaz Blanco. We are both 1st years and do TPM and Astrophysics. Playing clarinet and violin, we are both members of Dance band, as well as numerous other ensembles, including orchestra and wind band. In the short time we have been at university, ULMS has become an essential part of our experience here, we’ve both made valuable friendships and have been made to feel at home. As freshers, we’ve been welcomed with open arms and an incredible atmosphere, leading us to want to be more involved and form a more important part of this wonderful community. Having attended almost every social this year, we are running for social secretaries specifically because we hold the belief that socials are a crucial part of ULMS as they allow the members of the different ensembles to interact and be part of the same society, instead of being separated as isolated ensembles. It would be our job to organise and run the socials and we believe that we would be able to organise a variety of different socials to appeal to everyone. These would include the traditional socials such as the bar crawls and the balls as well as bringing our new ideas forwards, such as combining our more chilled socials with the possibility of nights, as well as themed costume socials. We also believe that this is the job for us because we work extremely well together, have different strengths, with one of us being more creative and the other more organized (both key characteristics for social secretaries). Furthermore, we’d be extremely happy to listen to suggestions from the rest of the society, as the socials are for all society members.. Finally, we believe that we have the organizational and leadership skills required for a job like this and that we’d be extremely successful if you elect us.

Brass Band Rep

Tom Bull


I’m Thom, a 2nd-year undergraduate from County College studying English Literature and Religious Studies. I play the cornet in ULMS Brass Band and the trumpet in Wind Band, and I’m running to be the new Brass Band Rep.

I’ve been passionate about brass banding since I was 9, and I’ve had a wealth of experience, including playing in 2 Yorkshire Brass Band Championships, numerous entertainment competitions and a stint at Whit Friday. I’ve also had the pleasure of playing in the Royal Albert Hall with a local orchestra.

Since joining Lancaster Uni, I’ve added another Whit Friday and 2 UniBrass competitions, as well as annual concerts in the ULMS calendar. I also currently play in Pilling Jubilee Silver Band, a nearby 3rd-section contesting band, which has seen me involved in various competitions and engagements. With all this experience, I’d like to think I have sound grasp of how brass bands sound and operate – ULMS Brass Band particularly. I feel like this experience would be invaluable should I be elected ULMS Brass Band Rep.

I’m also no stranger to committees: I was elected Band Representative for my junior band, and voiced concerns and queries of the band, helping to resolve declining attendance and a stale repertoire. I have also been a Youth Representative for a local committee, speaking on behalf of young people in my hometown on various issues. I’d hope this demonstrates the organisational and leadership qualities required of an ULMS Rep.

As well as hopefully continuing the phenomenal work of the Band’s previous Reps, my attachments to Pilling are an ideal source of new music. I’ll continue the ULMS Brass Band tradition of fun, varied and ‘themed’ sets at UniBrass and Whit Friday. Although as Rep, I’d only oversee UniBrass 2020 in Bangor, there’s a growing eagerness for UniBrass to return to its rightful home in Lancaster for 2021, to commemorate its 10th competition. Should this arise, I would definitely see if a Lancaster UniBrass could be possible. If so, I’d be more than prepared to front and organise this to the best of my capacity.

I hope you’ll consider my experience and commitment to the Band in voting for its next Rep. I’d be delighted to represent the Band and would give my everything should I be elected.

Thank you, and best of luck to everyone else running for a position on committee!

Lizzie Morritt

Hi, I’m Lizzy a first year studying Biomedicine. I currently play cornet in Brass band and the tenor horn in Wind Band. I have been playing cornet ever since I was 9 when I started with the Shepherd Group Brass Band based in York. As I have been part of this organisation for so long, I feel it has given me the knowledge into how brass bands run; through planning and setting up concerts as well as attending competitions and helping fundraise money for my band. I have been on tour with my youth band, at this time I was one of the oldest in my group so helped my conductor in looking after and leading days on our tour. Also, many younger players looked up to me and asked for advice. I feel this and the involvement in a variety of competitions (including entertainment and marching competitions) will help me with the organisation of many events; including Unibrass and Whit Friday. Within the last 5 months at Lancaster, ULMS has been such a big part of my life; allowing me to make great friendships, meet more people my age with similar interests and helped me to pick up a new instrument. Being part of the brass band has helped me keep on doing something I adore, and I would love to make brass an even more important part of my life, by representing it on committee. I believe I am a reliable and committed member and will therefore be a valued member of the committee and will represent the brass band to the best of my ability, helping it strive forward into its great future.

Orchestra Rep

Kieran Stringer

Hi, I’m Kieran, and I’m a first year student studying Computer Science. I play piano and clarinet as a member of Orchestra, Wind Band, and Clarinet Choir, and have been learning and playing music for 15 years. Since I started playing music, I’ve always played in groups, both large and small, so I’ve experienced a range of different abilities and styles. I think I would be a good fit for the role of orchestra rep as I have a good understanding of the workings of a large ensemble, and would be able to implement things based on comments from other members of the orchestra. ULMS gives me the opportunity while at uni to express my musical side alongside others and is something I made sure to be part of from the beginning of the year, so now I’d like to assume a more active role in the ensemble and society as a whole to keep it great and continue improving it in the next year.

Wind Band Rep

Amrit Phull

Hi everyone, my name’s Amrit and I’m a first year Engineering student. I’ve loved being part of ULMS for the past 5 months, playing in Wind Band and Pit Band (and of course randomly depping and making up basslines). Before coming to university, I had no idea what music here would be like and I have to say, it has exceeded all expectations. You are not only incredible musicians, but you absolutely love what you do and every rehearsal, concert and social with you is so much fun! I’d love to be Wind Band Rep, follow on in Harriet and Kate’s footsteps and give something back to you and the society as a whole. I’d love to start playing more repertoire requested by the group – I spend far too much time arranging music and want to take some requests for different pieces that you’d like to play. I think a Wind Band has the power to sound incredible in so many different ways. Be it calm and emotional pieces or the stressful, difficult stuff that has far too many semiquavers, the variety of instruments and versatility of all of you as performers would sound incredible when channeled into the music that you love. I also think Wind Band has the potential to step up another notch with how we approach music; simple things like tuning and warm up exercises will help us listen to each other more and work as a united ensemble. I understand that Wind Band Rep is no easy role to take on but I believe that through being Deputy Head Girl at school and my choice of a degree with too many contact hours, I have the dedication, organisation and approachability in order to fill the role. I ran ensembles and rehearsals at school for various groups, including our Guitar Ensemble and Wind Quintets, meaning that I know how difficult Henry & Sean’s jobs are. I’ll do anything I can to help them and through a whole lot of teamwork, perseverance and positivity, I know we can make Wind Band the best it can possibly be! Thank you :)))

Fiona Bower

Hi I’m Fiona, I’m a first-year natural sciences student currently playing euphonium in wind band, brass band and oompah band. Since joining ULMS at the start of this year I’ve really enjoyed being a part this welcoming society and being wind band rep would be a great opportunity to get even more involved. I believe I would be good for this role as since I began playing 7 years ago, I’ve been involved in my school wind band and whilst in sixth form I played a major role in helping to organise concerts, as well as setting up for rehearsals each week. Playing in this band led to me to take part in annual competitions as well as traveling to Germany to collaborate with another band in many concerts. I was also part of South Derbyshire music centre for many years, playing in the senior concert band which has really added to my enthusiasm for playing as part of a band. These experiences and skills would be transferable to the role of wind band rep as it shows I know how to prepare for rehearsals and organise gigs as well as showing my long-held passion for music! As a friendly and approachable person, I would prioritise listening to, and acting on, suggestions of the members as I am eager to keep wind band fun and inclusive for everyone. I would aim to get the best opportunities possible for the band, for example gigs in collaboration with other ensembles, to ensure that we are consistently improving. I’d maintain an engaging environment by working with the conductors to ensure we play music that is interesting and really showcases the talent of the band. Finally, I want people to make sure people can continue to look forward to rehearsals each week by working hard to keep wind band as enjoyable as possible

Big Band Rep

Hannah Bayliss

I’m Hannah, a History student and woodwind player who’s been involved in ULMS for the last year and a half. If this sounds familiar it’s because I was Big Band Rep last year, but unfortunately had to stop in the summer as I was intercalating for health reasons. Now I’m much better and ready to hit the ground running! As well as having previous involvement as rep for this band, I have a lot of past experience playing in jazz and swing ensembles that will allow me to work on a set list with the conductors and audition new players. I hope that people who know me would say I am friendly and approachable, I would like members of the band to be able to talk to me about their ideas or concerns regarding repertoire or the organisation of the ensemble. I aim to be more organised and efficient than last year with regards to planning gigs and running rehearsals, in particular, my goal is to organise the mountain of music in the cupboard. Having played in and been rep for Big Band, I understand the problems and issues facing the ensemble. I hope to be able to work with the conductors and players to overcome these and ensure playing in the band is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Small Groups Rep

Alex Warwick

Hi everyone, I’m Alex Warwick and I’m currently a 3rd year Physics student, although hopefully you should already know me as I’ve been your president for the last year! The obvious question you may ask is why am I not running for president again? Throughout my time not only as president, but in ULMS, I’ve thought one of the best parts of the society are small groups, allowing people who want to play a specific type of music to do just that. This is why I want to run for small groups representative, as this is the part of ULMS I want to be involved in most, and I feel I can do more to improve small groups acting as small groups rep, rather than running for re-election as president. Should you vote for me as small groups rep, I won’t neccessarily aim to drastically change the way small groups work, as I feel it’s already a good system, instead I want to have an active communication with small groups, making sure they’re able to rehearse, helping them find gigs if they want one, etc. For example, I know earlier this year the ‘ULMS Jazz Collective’ was formed, however it never really took off as they were unable to find good rehearsal times. Hopefully you’ve been happy with how I have run the society for the past year, and trust that I will be able to run the small groups side of ULMS as small groups rep!

Choir rep

George Allin

Hello everyone, my name is George Allin, I’m in my first year studying religious studies and I am running for the position of choir rep. I’ve been in choirs for as long as I can remember and so have gained a good understanding of how they run. Joining the ULMS choir was one of the first things I did upon starting Uni, and along with the Chamber Choir, I’ve loved being part of the mix of hard work and fun that goes into rehearsals. I wish to be Choir rep so that I can become more involved and help continue this great atmosphere for another year. As a regular, hopefully friendly, face at rehearsals I would always be an easy point of contact for members and I believe my approachability and organisational skills would make me great for the role.

Project Teach Music Co-ordinator

Matt Hall

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a first year maths and computer science student. I play French horn in wind band and in orchestra and have loved my first half a year at Lancaster. ULMS has already provided me with some great memories and I am keen to give back to ULMS by taking an active role in a very important part of the society; the PTM co-ordinator. I believe I am very well suited to the role of PTM co-ordinator because of my previous musical and teaching experiences. Music has always been a big part of my life but I have never had the experience of teaching which is why being PTM co-ordinator would be a great opportunity for me that I would approach diligently and with great enthusiasm. I have great experience in teaching people new skills. As a former RAF cadet, I was involved in teaching a variety of theory and practical based skills to fellow cadets which has greatly improved my communication and organisational skills. I also have further experience in teaching from being an assistant instructor at my local sailing club for two years. These experiences have shown me how powerful and meaningful teaching can be and being PTM co-ordinator would be an ideal way for me to channel my enthusiasm. I pride myself on being organised, punctual and dedicated to whatever I put my mind to which will further my ability to make the most of this role. I believe music is the most amazing talent anyone can have because of how it transcends any barrier that could be before it and is universally enjoyed by all. Music can cater for any taste and any interest meaning there is always something for everyone. This is the attitude and philosophy I would bring to the role as PTM co-ordinator.

Morgan Winyard

Hello there! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Morgan and I’m a second-year student studying Geography and part of Cartmel College. I am a proud member of Wind and Brass. I am currently not on the committee, but I’m the Brass Band conductor.

To run for the PTM Co-Ordinator is something that I believe I have the credentials for. I am a firm believer that anybody can have the opportunity to learn something new if they have the tools required to do so, which this scheme provides. The phrase ‘opportunity for excellence’ would be the best way to describe such a scheme, which is something I believe in. Establishing connections with the local community is essential to showcase how amazing ULMS is as a society, but also to bring out the talent that is hiding within new potential musicians. Forming links can enable us as a society to gain access to new venues, to form new concert ideas and to also boost audience numbers within our own concerts. I already have connections with locals in the area which is great because it can provide a platform for such projects to flourish.

PTM co-ordinator can be described as a role that requires someone with commitment, drive and passion for overseeing the whole project. It also means co-operation with the committee to discuss how the project is going, co-ordination in terms of making sure the scheme is running smoothly and working with teachers and students effectively and also a resourceful time-manager to ensure all tasks are completed to the best ability possible. These traits are something that I possess and have grown over the years in different leadership roles I have taken, from being Deputy Head Boy at Sixth Form and leading school meetings and being a conductor for a youth band prior to starting at Lancaster which gave me more confidence and courage. I am in the process of establishing a project with a school with Blackpool, so I have already established a new link with an external partner.

From what I have said, I would love to be PTM because I feel like I can provide the tools necessary to support and nurture a scheme which I believe is incredible, and it could even be improved further. ULMS has given me a platform for so many experiences which no other society can, and also forming some of my closest friendships, which any aspiring musician would want. Approachability, and relatability is needed to allow people to feel like they can speak to me about anything. I hope from what I have said it will give you the confidence and ease for you to vote for me!

Emily Hinks

Hello there! My name is Emily and I am first year student studying maths. As soon as I got to Lancaster University I was very eager to join the music society, and although I’ve only been here for half a year so far, I feel as though I’ve been absorbed into ULMS, and music has become an integral part of my uni life. I play the flute and the saxophone, and currently take part in Wind Band, Orchestra, Flute Choir, the pit band, and I am one of the conductors of the Big Band, and I would love to get even more involved in the society by joining the committee. I am running for the role of the Project Teach Music Co-Ordinator because I think that it is really important for ULMS to promote learning and loving music across the whole university as well as just in the society. Therefore one of the main things I would aim to do for PTM is to spread the word, and get more and more people involved in the project, as I don’t think enough people are aware of it. I have a number of ideas already about how I could achieve this, such as working with the person elected for the role of Publicity, and increasing the use of social media to reach more people. I always enjoyed taking music lessons myself, and I would love to be able to help give other people the opportunity too! I would be appropriate for this role as I love to keep track of things and to be organised, so I would be good at managing the spreadsheets and forms that would be required in this role. Also, I’d be a valuable member of committee, because I would love to contribute to the improvement of the society, to make it even better and more enjoyable to its members!

Ben Froudigoun

I’m Ben, a first year theoretical physics student. Since I arrived at university, ULMS has been the community with which I have engaged the most actively, and even outside of the ensembles I’m part of I’m continually amazed by what a connected and friendly atmosphere the society cultivates. For those reasons I want to take a more active role in the society, namely through co-ordinating the Project Teach Music scheme. I started with PTM in my first week at uni, and it has been an incredible learning experience for me, which has developed my interpersonal, communication and organisational skills, as well as challenging my understanding of music and music learning as a whole. I’ve loved being able to teach music through the programme and think that my skillset and personality would make me well suited to the role of co-ordinator, as I am very well organised, and my passion for outreach makes me want to help give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate in this amazing scheme.