Bios for the EGM March 2018

This ULMS EGM will take place in the JHR at 18:00 on the 7th March 2018 to fill the positions that were not run for during the AGM – String Group Rep and Technician.


String Group Rep

Finlay Gunneberg

Hi everybody, my name is Finlay Gunneberg and I’m a 1st year student studying theoretical physics with mathematics. I currently play in string group, orchestra, film orchestra, and a cello quartet. Before even applying to a University I checked to ensure that all my choices had music societies and orchestras. Suffice it to say Music is a fairly important part of my life! ULMS has been one of the most fun aspects of university life and I would like to take this opportunity to give back to the society. I believe my experience in multiple orchestras and string groups (including the National Youth Orchestra of Wales) makes me an able candidate from string rep. I like to think that I’m at least a little approachable and I’d be happy to bring up any suggestions and bring about the necessary changes. My primary goals will be to attempt to improve attendance and increase the variety of music we play. As a hard-working physics and maths student I’m certain I’ll have no trouble staying atop the responsibilities of string rep.


James Beadle

Hello Everyone, I’m James If you didn’t already know. I am a first year Engineering student that plays the clarinet in Orchestra, Clarinet choir, an now occasionally film orchestra. I am running for the position of ULMS Technician. Unfortunately I am unable to attend EGM as I will be in Manchester at a regional engineering competition final. I feel that my degree is related to the position and thus making me an appropriate choice for the job. My course does make me a busy person, however I believe that this only makes me good at time management.

Other experiences I have that will assist me include:
• I was a senior music prefect in my final year of school – this involved setting up equipment for various music groups so they could get straight into rehearsing with little hassle. It also involved assisting the running of concerts – involving lots of communication and organisation

• For around 4 years I have run the PA system at my local church, controlling and mixing sound from various microphones, and organising the playing of hymns when there is no organist present. I have also worked on fixing the system when it breaks and installing new features. For example, a hearing loop system so members of the congregation with hearing aids have no difficulty in listening.

I have talked to the prior technician, so understand what the job requires of me. I am also a fast learner, so will be able to pick up any new skills quickly, and will be very committed to this position. I understand that as I am not there you will not be able to ask me questions directly, but if you do have any burning questions, please do contact me through Facebook messenger or by other means, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.