Bios for the 2018 AGM

The ULMS 2018 AGM will take place on the 21st February in the Jack Hylton Room at 17:00. Please come along to support the candidates and ensure that the best people are chosen for the job.


  • President

Alex Warwick

Hi everyone, my name is Alex and I’m a 2nd year studying Physics. Ever since first getting my offer to the university I’ve been interested in ULMS, and currently play in the big band, wind band, brass band, dance band and have founded the Oompah Band at the start of this year. Throughout the last year I’ve served as big band rep and I think the responsibilities and skills I’ve gained from this, from making sure rehearsals happen each week to organising gigs and being diplomatic within the band itself, will help me to become an excellent president.

To me, one of the most enjoyable parts of music is performing, and that’s why as president, one of the main things I’d like to happen is more performances of the society, either in town or on campus, from both small groups and the major ensembles, as well as joint gigs between ensembles at more occasions than the Christmas concert, Concerto concert and Summer Showcase. One of the most important things for me is that this society is made by its members, not just its president, and that’s why if anyone has any ideas on ways to improve the society, I’m always happy to listen, and work with any suggestions, to shape ULMS by what the members want out of it.

I like to think I’m an organised person who’s committed to the society, and everyone finds me approachable and friendly. Lastly, I hope that if I was president, I’d be able to make ULMS the society that its members want it to be.


  • Treasurer

Charlie Alexander

Hi! I’m Charlie Alexander, I’m a second year Natural science student studying physics and environmental science. Ever since freshers week I’ve been involved with ULMS. I am part of the choir and have also been having music lessons with ULMS. It has been one of the aspects of university which I have enjoyed the most and of which I am proud to be a part of. After being choir rep last year, I have truly enjoyed the responsibility and work it gave me. Over the course of the year I have learnt about how the society works and gained an insight into everything that needs to be done to ensure that events and the ensembles/groups runs smoothly. It is this experience which I want to bring forward into the role of treasurer this year. I believe I would be the best choice for treasurer as I have experience with the society, I am organised as well as being very comfortable with dealing with spreadsheets and numbers due to the large maths content in my degree. Since joining the society last year I have got to know numerous people across the different ensembles and groups, combined with my approachable persona I believe I’ll be a strong member of the committee who is approachable to all and able to get stuff done!


Patrick Ramsey

I have been playing in an orchestra and singing in a choir for 4 years and have really appreciated the opportunity to continue these, as well as learning to play in a big band, on arriving at university. Now I want to contribute to the smooth running of the music society in the role of treasurer. I think I will be good in this role because I have a strong mathematical background and am a very organised person, preferring to get tasks completed as soon as possible rather than leaving them until the last minute. While I have not worked with money on this scale before, I have shown responsibility in smaller-scale situations, such as supervising a carnival stall in sixth form to raise money for a local children’s hospice, and most recently helping run the Red Rose Refugees cookie sale in week 13 of this year.


  • Secretary

Menai Lamers James

Hello, I’m Menai a second year Physics student running for the position of Secretary. I’m a clarinet, saxophone and piano player, and am a member of Big Band, Wind Band, Swing Group, Clarinet Choir, Dance Band and the Film Orchestra. Being in these ensembles and as swing rep last year, I have a great appreciation of the hard work and enthusiasm of all the players and that as a committee we want to develop and support this. Having been on the committee last year, I have gained a good understanding of the way the society is run and the importance of the work of the secretary in maintaining the organisational aspects of the society. I would enjoy taking on this role and become even more involved this year and believe I could contribute a lot over the course of the year. While in secondary school, I conducted the clarinet choir for the region and learnt a lot about maintaining discipline (which was especially challenging with the pupils) and improving my leadership skills. Enjoying playing clarinet and clarinet choir music, I have started a clarinet choir which is turning out to be a very enjoyable and successful small group. I have enjoyed taking on more work within the society and seek to expand the society further and work more efficiently both within the university and in the wider community. Having had experience both as a rep on committee last year and being a dedicated member of various ensembles, I have got to know most of the conductors and potential reps, and I believe I will be able to work well with the other members of committee to carry on the hard work of the previous exec and continue to develop ULMS further next year.


  • Publicity

Alison Bayliss

Hi, I’m Alison, a first year Geography student who plays French Horn. I began my musical life playing the trumpet in brass bands before swapping to horn 7 years ago. Since then, I’ve taken part in London Youth Wind Band several times as well as youth orchestras collaborating with the LSO, LPO and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, with concerts in front of 2,500 people in the Royal Festival Hall, 10,000 people in Trafalgar Square and The Queen in the Barbican. Within ULMS, I’m a member of Wind Band and Orchestra but I think my history of playing in several types and sizes of groups will allow me to communicate well with all the ULMS groups and publicise their concerts/events effectively.


Matthew Clare


I’m Matthew (or MPC as some people refer to me as). I am in the first year of my PhD in phytology. I am in my 4th year as a member of ULMS and have conducted the Big Band from my second week at Lancaster University in my undergraduate degree. I currently conduct the Big Band and the Film Orchestra, whilst playing for the Swing Group, Orchestra, and the small group Misty. I have also arranged music for the Wind Band (namely the Charity Showcase Mini Musical), Specs Appeal, Orchestra, Big Band, and Film Orchestra. I have also served as Publicity Officer for the 2017/2018 period (since the previous EGM).

During my time as Publicity Officer, I have established lasting links with key people in Lancaster (particularly through ULMS By The Bar, which many big and small ensembles took part in), with the  Lancashire County Music Service, on campus at Bailrigg FM, and at the University of Cumbria’s Lancaster Campus to try to increase the number of ULMS musicians from the city of Lancaster, given they don’t have a music society at the Lancaster Campus. Similarly, I have also strong ties to LUTG and LUFP through my works on Beauty and the Beast & Sister Act and Hysteria, Proxy, & Network respectively. I have brought a more professional look to the posters and fliers to increase the awareness of ULMS across Lancaster. Through my actions, I have increased the number of gig opportunities for most groups and ensured fair payment to ULMS and to the members of the small groups that perform.

As a member of the society and of the exec, I have always tried to make ULMS a better place for music and for students. I am committed to this society and have always tried to help out as many people as I possibly could, be that with musical or personal problems. I hope people have always seen me as someone they could approach should they need to, but also as someone they would want to approach with a problem.


  • Technician 

No nominations posted yet


  • Big Band Representative

Hannah Bayliss

I am a first year History and Maths student who plays various woodwind instruments, including clarinet, saxophone and bass clarinet. I’ve been gradually absorbed into ULMS over the last term to the extent that I am now involved in 6 ensembles, and want to help further by getting involved in the running of the society. I have a lot of past experience playing in jazz and swing ensembles and I think this would help me audition new players and work on a set list with the conductors.

I like to think of myself as approachable and friendly and hope that people would be able to talk to me about any concerns or ideas they have about the running of the band. I would also call myself pretty organised and efficient, which would help with planning gigs and preparing for rehearsals.

In the future I would like to work on improving the turnout to rehearsals and the possibility of sectionals in order to build up a set list that the band can play to a high standard.

ULMS has been central to my university life so far and has given me some fantastic experiences, such as the charity showcase and collaborations with the Lancashire Youth Jazz Orchestra. I’d like to make sure the next year offers exciting events and that everyone enjoys being a part of Big Band.


  • Brass Band Representative

James Carr

Hi everyone, my name is James and I’m a first-year student studying physics. I currently play euphonium in brass band and wind band and sing bass in the choir. Since coming to Lancaster, the music society has become a big part of my life at the university; allowing me to play new music and make many new friendships. I would love the opportunity to put something back into the society as a member of the committee.

I hope that as the brass band rep, I will someone that you can approach with suggestions, feedback or problems, no matter what they might be, and will do my upmost to act on them. In my county’s brass training band, I spent a lot of time aiding and organising younger musicians alongside the conductor, and I trust that this experience will aid me with the task of representing you and your views both in the committee, and the wider community. I am also looking forward to new challenges, such as the organisation required for UniBrass and Whit Friday. As someone who is hardworking and reliable, I know that I will do this to the best of my ability.


Ella Clarke & Rebecca Jex (running as a pair)

Hi I’m Becca and I’m in my first year studying Law. Whilst Brass Band is a pretty new concept to me, I have been playing the trumpet for 10 years now and been in a Drum Corps, a ‘cool’ name for a marching band since the age of 10. Music has always been an extremely important part of my life, and coming from a family made up of musicians, I have always wanted to push myself to reach new heights when it comes to performing and teaching music. In my year out before starting uni, I auditioned for a drum corps in America, where I managed to earn myself a spot and train once a month in Florida before flying out to Vermont to start the tour. I was in America for 3 months, touring the country, performing to 25,000 people most nights and I concluded the experience by being awarded 6th place in the world for the activity. That opportunity not only made me improve as a player, but also taught me invaluable life skills that I hope I can utilise working with Ella as your brass band rep. Music is a passion we all share to be here, I believe I have the leadership and encouragement skills to utilise this passion to co-lead this band. Since joining university, whilst not trying to sound cliché, I believe ULMS has definitely been a huge part of helping me settle in. I certainly wouldn’t be standing here with Ella if it wasn’t for the socials and the friendly atmosphere that ULMS and in particular the brass brand has provided. I want to be a part of this organisation, to make others be a part of something I have been introduced to in the short 6 months I have been here. Ella and I share the same beliefs and interests and working with her as your brass band reps would be a great way to exploit this.

I’m Ella, and I’m a first year studying French and Linguistics. I’ve been playing cornet since I was 8 and a part of my local brass band since I was 9. I’ve always had so much fun whenever I’m a part of a band or musical group, not just from a musical perspective but because I know I will always meet great people. Playing music has taken me from local music festivals with my brass band to tours in Germany and Austria with my sixth form wind band, and also getting the opportunity to play with the Royal Marines Band Service on two separate occasions. These experiences provide me with such great memories and knowing that music will always give me so much to look back on is the reason that I always make sure to be a part of a musical group wherever I go. As ULMS is my main society, I really want to make the most of my time here by getting more involved in the workings of the society and helping to maintain what I believe is an important asset to Lancaster University. I’ve only been here a few months but I already have a brand new set of friends and several concerts under my belt so I’m excited to see what else is to come and how I can be a part of it, and in particular, with Becca as brass band rep. I’m an organised and reliable person, and committed to ULMS with it being my main society as I have already said, so you can trust that I will put the effort into this role. And of course, paired with Becca, who is already a good friend of mine despite the short time we have been here, I think we will make an excellent team when it comes to the brass band.


  • Choir Representative

Charlie Alexander

Hi! I’m Charlie Alexander, I’m a second year Natural science student studying physics and environmental science. Ever since freshers week I’ve been involved with ULMS. I am part of the choir and have also been having music lessons with ULMS. It has been one of the aspects of university which I have enjoyed the most and of which I am proud to be a part of. Since taking on the role of choir rep I have helped to increase the size of choir from around 12 people to over 30, something that with another year as rep I would hope to further improve on! Over the past year I have gained experience with the organisation and running of choir, working closely with the conductors and other members of the committee to ensure the best for choir, I would take these skills and experience into a second year as choir rep. My presence on committee has allowed me to become more known across the society and as a friendly face I feel that I am approachable to members.

Verity Bennett

Hi I’m Verity, a first year Natural Sciences student and I would like to run for choir rep! ULMS was the very first society I joined in freshers week at Lancaster and I would love the opportunity to help organise choir and be a part of the committee. Music has always been a core part of my life and having been a part of various choirs over the past 6 years I feel that my experience and enthusiasm is a natural fit for this role. I am confident that I have the organisation and communication skills needed to ensure that choir continues running smoothly and is an inviting and enjoyable environment for all. I always value the opinion of others and will take forward any concerns or suggestions about choir from anyone (member or not). As an inherently ambitious person I would also love to find even more opportunities for us to perform, both on campus and in town. Alongside this I am keen to help restart the barbershop group to add to the variety of repertoire available to explore.

Overall I’ve genuinely had a really wonderful time being a part of choir and would love to help further our very refined choir culture. #BlessTheRains


  • Orchestra Representative

Tia Arnold & Emily Moore (running as a pair)

Hello we’re Emily and Tia, 2nd year Maths and 1st year Natural Sciences students running for the position of Orchestra Rep. We are both flutists in Orchestra as well as Wind Band, Film Orchestra and Floboe Choir. ULMS is an integral part of uni life for us both and so by running for rep we wish to expand our involvement by taking on a more responsible role within the society. Between us we have 15 years of experience with music including being part of a variety of different ensembles which gives us knowledge of the repertoire and how the Orchestra is run. We are happy and approachable people and will listen to your feedback to make the Orchestra your own for you to all enjoy playing in and listening to. We want to keep orchestra as a place where people can relax after a long day in uni. We aim to continue the great work Sean has done and make this year Orchestras biggest and best yet.

  • String Orchestra Representative

No nominations posted yet


  • Swing Group Representative

Isaac Costa

Hello, my name is Isaac Rafael Taveira Costa Mellonie and I am a 1st year medical student. I have become infatuated with ULMS during my brief time being involved with it. The people are not only great musicians but also great company and I would appreciate your vote for me as swing band rep so that I can continue to make sure swing band runs smoothly. I will make sure to set up all equipment beforehand and look into any musical requests from all participants. My aim is to make swing band a safe haven for musicians who just want to play some cool songs and occasionally perform at gigs.


  • Wind Band Representative

Kate Foley & Harriet Sleight (running as a pair)

We are Kate and Harriet and we are both 2nd year LEC students studying Geography and Environmental Science. We would love to be voted in as Wind Band Reps this year having loved being part of ULMS for the past year and a bit, playing in Wind and Brass. ULMS has given us a lot over this time as we have developed as players and made brilliant friends and so we would love the opportunity to give something back by being organised, efficient and approachable reps. We will aim to work with the conductors with a positive and conscientious attitude to get the best out of the band and showcase it’s talent to the best of our abilities. We want to make the most of all rehearsal time and will ensure music and set up is ready ahead of start times and give all band members the opportunity to practice parts at home by taking copies of music. We will also endeavour to extend the band’s repertoire with varied music with input and feedback from players to ensure that rehearsals and performances are enjoyed by all! We hope to make Wind Band an even bigger and better ensemble!


  • Small Groups Representative

Lauren Osmond

Hello, I’m Lauren Osmond, a second year studying English Language and Linguistics. I have been a member of ULMS ever since 1st year and have loved being a part of such a friendly and welcoming society with all these talented musicians. I have been on the committee since November and have really enjoyed it, hence why I am running again. I have decided to run for small groups rep again as I have some ideas for the small groups of our society that I would love to see put in place. Namely, people have expressed interest at the suggestion of a world music group, which I feel would be a brilliant opportunity for ULMS to engage with other societies on campus and meet new people within our own society. Also, I am hoping, that is, if I become the rep again, to set up a band forming workshop as we have had so much interest from individuals looking to set up groups, but don’t know where to begin and I think this would be a perfect way of facilitating this. I am well accustomed to the commitment of this position and I would really like the chance to continue to help the small groups of our society and to carry on bombarding people with messages about potential gig opportunities! I would like to think I have already proved myself as an organised and committed member of the society and would love to continue to be the ULMS Small Groups’ Rep.


  • Project Teach Music Co-Ordinator

Henry Lay 

I am a 2nd year Physics student and have loved being a part of ULMS for the last year and a half. I’ve played or sang in the Wind Band, Brass Band and Choir as well as the small groups Dance Band and Oompah Band. I’ve taken a more active role in the society this year having taken over as one of the conductors of Wind Band and I now want to become more involved by taking up a committee role. Particularly the PTM role appeals to me because I think one of the most important parts of ULMS’s job is to help other people learn to play and enjoy music as much as all of us have! As PTM co-ordinator my biggest focus would be promoting the scheme within the society and the university as I feel it isn’t known well enough within either. Gaining more students would improve ULMS’s reputation in the wider university community and also make the PTM scheme financially easier for the society to support. I enjoy working closely with other people and would do so with other committee members particularly in the handover with Lily who I have already worked closely with as Wind Band conductors. As a physics student I am able to be very organised as well as good with numbers and I think I would do a good job of staying on top of the running of the PTM project.


Patrick Ramsey

I started learning the piano aged 7, and picked up the trombone aged 13. I have found them to be really important experiences for my personal growth, as well as opening up many opportunities for playing in ensembles, which I have really enjoyed. I would be thrilled to be able to help others gain those experiences through the music society, and that starts with providing tuition to those who want it. I am a very organised person, and I will ensure everything that needs doing is done in good time, so I am confident I will be able to run the Project Teach Music scheme efficiently.


  • Social Secretary 

Sean Barlow & Julian Shield (running as a pair)

Hello everyone, we are Julian Shield and Sean Barlow! We are both 2nd year students, studying Environmental Science and Chemistry respectively. We are both members of numerous ensembles in the society, playing a variety of instruments within those ensembles, and are currently on the committee as Brass Band rep and Orchestra rep. We feel like we are well suited to the role of social secretaries because we are friendly and approachable, well organised, and have attended the majority of socials during our time in ULMS. As your social secretaries we would like to incorporate our experience of previous socials to think of new ideas, such as a joint social with Lancaster University Theatre Group, as well as continuing and improving the classic social events such as the bar crawls, and the games and quiz nights. Overall, our goal as your social secretaries would be to organise a range of socials that everyone in the society can take part in and enjoy!