Bios for AGM


Nick Barker


My name’s Nick and I’m a 3rd-year Engineering student. ULMS has basically been my life since I signed up in freshers’ week over two years ago. I joined the choir and barbershop in my first year, then became Choir Rep at the 2015 AGM. At the start of my second year I, along with Blake (barbershop member and president at the time) founded the ULMS Chamber choir. I was voted in as Secretary last year, and took over conducting both the choir and the chamber choir too.

As you can see from this, and (hopefully) as those who know me well can attest to, I love getting involved with things. If I played an instrument, I’d join every ensemble if I could! I’m certainly committed to ULMS, and want to do my utmost to make it the best that it can be.

My understanding of ULMS, other kinds of ensemble, and music as a whole have all increased massively since I joined (I never studied music past year 9, and it’s safe to say I’ve learnt more through ULMS than I ever did at school!). Working very closely with Tom and Emma (current President and Treasurer respectively) over the last year, as well as with Blake the previous year, has really deepened my knowledge of everything ULMS – from how the different ensembles function and the day-to-day running of the society to negotiations with external organisations and bureaucracy.

As cringe-worthy as it is to say this, I think I can fairly confidently say that ULMS is the thing I love and enjoy most in my life right now – and this pleasure and enjoyment is something that I want everyone else to feel too. There are a great many things about the society that are fantastic and should be continued and built upon, but there are also some things that need to be looked at.

One of the things that tends to be asked, or expected, is ideas for the society and how I plan to take things forward and/or make changes etc. But I’m not the person who decides these things – that’s down to the members. I’m the kind of person who listens to all ideas, and seriously considers them. I’m willing to take risks and make changes – if someone has a slightly wacky idea, something completely different, I’d be willing to consider it and (after necessary consideration and assessment, of course) to go for it. I’m always more than happy to hear new ideas, suggestions and (arguable more importantly) criticisms.
However, I do of course have a few ideas of my own (and some dreams – the challenge is differentiating between the two!). I’ve had casual chats with people about things that I’d love to do with ULMS (mostly with the choir, as that’s my thing) – many things such as going on tour somewhere, performing a great work, putting on a special concert, collaborating with other groups (other universities, even), creating regular campus-wide events, and more. While some of them seem somewhat unrealistic, I believe that every idea should be considered and examined – who knows, it could lead to great things!

Those of you who have been in ULMS for a few years will no doubt remember the things said in previous AGMs, and the work that has been done by previous committees. Things like ‘Project Teach Music’ (PTM) and ‘ULMS in the Community’ are things that have been born in the last couple of years, and that I would like to continue. PTM in particular has seen great success this year, hence the proposal for the creation of a full committee position to co-ordinate it. ULMS in the community had a very successful start, and got ULMS into the Lancaster Music Festival in October. However, this hasn’t been quite as active this year, and so I would quite like to revive it and see what can be done – Discussions have been initiated with various people and organisations about working with ULMS, and these should be chased up and brought to fruition.

In my role as secretary this year, as well as through various other means, I have become familiar and established good relations with various people, from the Great Hall porters through LUSU and Lancaster Arts to instrument repair shops and other societies – something which I’m sure will be of great use.

I hope that people who know me would agree when I say that I love to help out – if you ask me for help or support, I’m there. I want to ensure that everyone knows that this extends to everyone in the society. If I am elected as President, I hope to be known as someone approachable and welcoming, both within and without the society. I want to know the ideas and thoughts of all ULMS members, and I want to be confident that the decisions being made are the best decisions for the society. Working with the committee of various representatives, as well as with individual members, I hope that ULMS can become, or continue to be, something that is enjoyed and loved by all.


Kirsty Brown

My name is Kirsty and I am in second year studying BSc Geography. I would love to be the next Secretary, because I feel like I could successfully fill the role. I am a committed and dedicated member of the society playing trombone in Big Band, Brass Band, Wind Band, Dance Band and Brass Quintet. Having spent a year on committee as the Publicity Officer I have gained a knowledge of how the society works and would like to take on a more involved role in the next year. Over the past year I have learned to effectively manage my time in order to accommodate both my commitments to the society and my involvement with Bowland College netball team. I feel as though I can continue to produce the accurate and detailed minutes that Nick has written for our meetings in the past year and that I would be able to continue the good work that he has done.


Georgia Williams

Hi, I am Georgia and I am running for the position of Treasurer. I have been a committed member of ULMS since I joined the University in 2015, with the society itself being one of the main reasons why I chose to study at Lancaster. Since joining I have played in Brass, Wind, Dance and Big Band, and this year have enjoyed my role on committee as Brass Band Rep. With Brass being one of the more demanding ensembles, I was given the opportunity to act as Brass band’s own “treasurer” having successfully organised the cost and logistics of both Whit Friday and Unibrass. As a 2nd Year Maths student, I relish the prospect of finance, spreadsheets and all things numbers, so I believe I will suit this role very well and do the society proud. I look forward to be able to carry on the great work done by Emma this year and hope you will consider me to be your next ULMS Treasurer.

Harry Smith

I am a 2nd year natural sciences student who studies physics and mathematics. I am currently part of a large variety of ensembles within the society as a trombone player. This has given me a strong interest in helping the society as part of the exec and as such over the past year I have been the small groups rep. A position through which I have encouraged the development of new small groups and organised different opportunities for the small groups.

As I study maths I am very used to handling numbers and ensuring I pay attention to details. I have used this skill previously through being in charge of budgeting for several charity events of varying sizes, from international computing festivals to more local charity organisations and I am currently project managing legally blonde.

Using my experience, I want to have the opportunity to help out the society I love by doing something which suits my experiences best. This is so that I can help out the society in a role which utilises the skills I have developed from my course and believe that I will be very suitable as treasurer.

Sean Barlow

Hey everyone I’m Sean and I’m a first-year Chemistry student running for treasurer. I play the piano, flute, piccolo and the saxophone in Orchestra, Wind band, Dance band, Swing group and Flute choir. I really love being a part of ULMS and I would love to take more of a leadership role in the society. Music is my passion, I’ve being playing music for over 15 years and have a lot of experience being in, running and conducting bands and ensembles. I believe a treasurer needs to have three important qualities. They need to be trustworthy since they need to handle all the money on behalf of the society. They need to analytical, good with numbers and Excel etc. Believe it or not we use Excel a lot in Chemistry. Finally, they need to be reliable. It is very important the treasurer can be counted upon to manage payments and spending for the society. I feel that I possess these important qualities and would ensure the finances of the society are managed well. I’m determined to do a good job and would keep up the good work Emma is doing now.

Big Band Rep

Alex Warwick

Hey everyone, my name’s Alex and I’m a first-year Physics student. I currently play Tuba in Wind Band and Brass Band and Trombone in Big Band and Dance Band. I’ve really enjoyed being part of ULMS during the last 6 months and would love the opportunity to be part of committee. I also like to think I’m a friendly and approachable person, who you would be able to come to with any issues, something I think is essential for a member of committee. As Big Band Rep, I will look into expanding our repertoire into music that people in the band want to play, as well as ensuring the band has many opportunities to perform. I will also ensure that the current enthusiasm players in the band have is continued into next year, and inspire more people to audition for the band. Most importantly however, I will ensure that members of the band enjoy it, and will always listen to any feedback from members about how to improve the band.

Julian Shield

Hi, I’m Julian and I’m a first year chemistry student. I currently play trumpet in Big Band and also play soprano cornet in Brass Band. I have had a fantastic time being a part of ULMS this year, and the experiences I’ve had since October have really helped me to come on as a player. For example, when I joined Big Band I got the opportunity to play a proper lead trumpet part, which I’d never done before.

I am very committed person, and I think this would benefit the committee and Big Band when looking for gigs and other concerts to help raise the profile of the band, especially outside of the university. I also have previous experience of playing in jazz bands, which could help add to the band’s repertoire for upcoming concerts. I am friendly and approachable, which I think would really help in listening to ideas for concerts and pieces from the band, and making them a reality.

Brass Band Rep

Julian Shield

Hi, I’m Julian and I’m a first year chemistry student. I currently play soprano cornet in Brass Band and also play trumpet in Big Band. I have 4 years of banding experience playing for Freckleton Brass Band, and have played in a wide variety of competitions such as UniBrass, Whit Friday, the National Finals, and the British Open Spring Festival. I have loved playing in Brass Band this year and would like to take a more active role in helping to run the ensemble. I am very responsible, which I feel would be beneficial when thinking of and organising themes and transport for UniBrass and Whit Friday. I feel that my experience in brass banding would really help with choosing pieces for concerts and expanding the bands repertoire, which I think would be really fun and beneficial for everyone. I am friendly and reliable, and would listen to any ideas or concerns that you have and get involved in helping to fix them or make them possible.

Alex Warwick

Hey everyone, my name’s Alex and I’m a first-year Physics student. I currently play Tuba in Wind Band and Brass Band and Trombone in Big Band and Dance Band. I’ve really enjoyed being part of ULMS during the last 6 months and would love the opportunity to be part of committee. I also like to think I’m a friendly and approachable person, who you would be able to come to with any issues, something I think is essential for a member of committee.

Despite never being in a Brass Band before starting University, Brass Band has quickly risen to one of my favourite bands, and as Brass Band Rep, my biggest priority would be to make sure all members of the band continue to enjoy it, and would always be welcome to any feedback on how we could improve. I would also expand our repertoire into both more challenging music, and music that members of the band want to play.

Choir Rep

Charlie Alexander

Hi! My name is Charlie Alexander, I’m a first year student, studying Natural Sciences, and I’m running for choir rep. I’ve been in a choir for many years now and have always thoroughly enjoyed the singing and social aspects it brings. I wish to be choir rep so that I can help with the running and organisation of choir. I feel that I would be able bring fun and enthusiasm to the role as well as organisational skills, to keep that music in order!!  I am never afraid of hard work and enjoy working with others to help keep choir running smoothly.  I feel that I would be able to be a good point of contact for members, as I’m a friendly face who is regularly at rehearsals (and almost always available online) if anyone wants to discuss anything about choir. I really hope that I’m able to help maintain the great work that goes on within choir and make it another great year!

Orchestra Rep

Sean Barlow

Hey everyone I’m Sean and I’m a first-year Chemistry student running for orchestra rep. I play the piano, flute, piccolo and the saxophone in Orchestra, Wind band, Dance band, Swing group and Flute choir. I really love being a part of ULMS and I would love to take more of a leadership role in the society. Music is my passion, I’ve being playing music for over 15 years and have a lot of experience being in, running and conducting bands and ensembles. I believe that I am a well organised, trustworthy, approachable person that will listen to and act upon input and feedback from other members of the society. As a chemistry student, my degree is centred around problem solving. I feel that having this background will allow me to deal with and create ideas to solve problems that the Orchestra is facing now and in the future. I strongly feel I would fulfil the role of orchestra rep well and would carry on the good work Philip is doing now.

String Orchestra Rep

Holly Cantley

Hi, I’m Holly, and I’m a second year Fine Art student. I play the cello in the Symphony Orchestra and String Orchestra, as well as sing Alto in the Choir. I absolutely loved being the String Orchestra Rep last year that I am running for it again! This year we have already done a good job on maintaining numbers for all the sections; we had excellent feedback on our performance in the Christmas concert, and the cake rota has continued! I have enjoyed being a member of the committee, and have developed so many skills, from working in a team, to regularly posting on the facebook group to ushering and selling programmes on the night of concerts to holding conductors auditions! I would love to build on what I have already learnt, so that I can become an even better String Orchestra Rep and committee member for next year!

Swing Group

No nominations

Wind Band Reps

Meg Granville and Laura Trigg

Hi we’re are Meg and Laura and are both currently in our first year. We are active members of the society and are running for Wind Band Rep. Together, we want to sustain and improve on the excellent work of the existing representative, to keep the band as fun and enjoyable as it currently is. We feel that running together will put us in a good position and will be helpful for the society as it allows us to share the responsibility that it entails. Our ideas for next year include: Introducing a sectional snack rota, external concerts, and collaborations with the other bands within ULMS to allow people to get to know others across the society. Thank you and please remember to vote!


Christian Vornhagen

Hello everyone!

My name is Christian, and I’m currently doing an MSc in Cyber Security at Lancaster University. I’ve been in university and school choirs all my life which is why I’m happy to have found ULMS when I arrived last year. Since then I’ve joined the choir and folk group, but would be glad to support ULMS as a technician for the remainder of my time in Lancaster (which is – sadly – September 2017).

During high-school I was co-supervising my high school’s AV/tech-team, running anything from small podium discussions over concert recordings up to full-blown musical productions. Later while doing my undergraduate degree I was the “head of technology group” of my hall (we had our very own bar downstairs), and I’d like to continue to work with sound/light systems here at Lancaster. I’ve done LUSU PA training (which makes me eligible to rent a PA kit from them), and you might have seen me using the ULMS PA kit during our Karaoke social this term.

Small Groups Rep

Chris Holloway

Hi, I’m Chris and I’m running for Small Groups Rep. I am very largely involved within ULMS, participating in two large ensembles (Choir and Big Band) and three small groups (Specs Appeal, Chamber Choir and Dance Band). I am also involved with LUTG and Gospel Choir and have contacts with Lancaster Arts. Being involved with a large array of performing arts societies, I can inform any small groups of upcoming performance opportunities on campus. My involvement with many small groups means I am aware of the interaction and level of support needed for groups. I appreciate the value of small groups therefore, particularly around Freshers week, I would be willing to help encourage the formation of them.

Aside from ULMS, I am a second year MSci Earth and Environmental science student. I am also Musical Directing an LUTG production for Edinburgh Fringe (Communism: The Musical!).


Lydia Cowell and Zara Retallick

Hi everyone, we are Zara Retallick and Lydia Cowell! We are 2nd year students, studying Economics with Human Geography and Environmental Science respectively. We are both members of Brass Band; playing the tenor horn and the baritone and over our time in ULMS have attended the majority of social events. We feel like we are well suited to the role because we are approachable, well organised and are good with time management; therefore we will aim to publish socials well in advance by creating a socials calendar every 5 weeks. As your social officers we would like to use our knowledge of socials that have worked well in the past, along with some fresh ideas to organise a range of socials to meet the needs of everyone in the society. As well as continuing the bar crawl, board games and the quiz socials we would like to organise some new socials such as a bar sports social.  Overall we want to be able to create a range of socials that everyone can enjoy!

Publicity Officer

Katie Dodsworth-Lilley

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m a second year Linguistics student. My main instruments are marimba and percussion, but I’ve also studied drum kit, which I play in Brass Band, Wind Band and played in the band for Parade last term. Since joining ULMS at the beginning of this term, I’ve felt very welcomed and would really enjoy being on the exec with all of you lovely people!

Having played in school and county orchestras and bands for many years, I feel that I am well equipped for the role of Publicity Officer. My time management, planning and organisation are good, and I am enthusiastic about ULMS!

Project Teach Music Coordinator

Lily Wearden

I am a 2nd year English language and creative writing student, and have been involved in ULMS since fresher’s week of my first year. I have also been on the committee for the last year as the Big Band rep, as well as running Project Teach Music since September of this academic year.

I’ve proposed that PTM Co-ordinator should be its own position on committee, as over the past few months, running the two jobs together has been quite stressful. However I feel that with my time focused on PTM, I will be able to make some changes to keep the project running smoothly. As I have already been doing this role for about six months I think I have a good insight into what the job entails and what areas could do with some work.

First and foremost I want to make sure PTM is publicised a lot better than it has previously been, and that the Facebook page is kept active and up-to-date in order to attract new members. One way I want to do this is by advertising which instrument teachers we have available, and what we need. From here I’d like to take another look at the financial side of the project as we are currently losing money through it, and this is working for now, but obviously isn’t sustainable.

Hopefully if I can run PTM as its own position I will be able to work through these things to make it a more successful project for both the teachers and students.