Small Groups Showcase 2016

County Bar hosted the Small Groups Showcase on Friday 2nd December 2016. It featured eight small groups who each performed a short set of two or three songs each to showcase what they can do:

The concert was opened by Dance Band


Dance Band were the followed by our barbershop group, Specs Appeal


The evening then continued with a rock style band, The Trip


A change of style to more classical music then saw the Gospel Choir perform a couple of pieces


The pace then changed once again with Brass Quintet


Barbie Shop performed next


The next small group to perform was Flute Choir, who after having a break last year have reformed


The evening was closed by The Elementals who finished with some up beat pieces


And then invited others to play with them for a jam session to end the social


The evening seemed to be enjoyed by all and was a huge success! For any more information on any small groups, whether to ask them to perform at events or to set up your own small group speak to our small groups rep, Harry Smith for more information on, or 07957432162.