Bios for EGM

Tonight is our EGM, to fill the position of Choir Rep and to vote on a small constitutional change.

There are two people running for the position of Choir Rep, and their bios are below.

Celina Wong

Hello! I’m Celina, a first year Theatre student and I really love choirs. Not just this one in particular, but the entire concept of getting together with a lot of people who are equally inappropriately excited for a good arrangement or song is just my favourite thing in the world. One thing I can take away from years of choral singing is just how hectic it can get if pieces of unstapled music flies about, or if there aren’t enough copies of music, or (gasp!) if there aren’t enough tenors. With the knowledge of when chaos may ensue, I believe I can effectively find ways to prevent it from happening because as part of the team, I want things to move smoothly too, just like everyone else. Singing aside, what I love most about choirs is the inevitable chemistry that sparks between people when making music together, and it’s something I’d like to nurture if I can have the honour of representing the Lancaster University choir.

Chris Holloway


My name is Chris Holloway and I’m a first year student who’s a committed ULMS member and is running for the role of choir rep.

I am currently a member of choir and Fame Band and have previously been a member of Barbershop and have grade 8 piano standards.

I am interested in running for the role of choir rep since I want to gain valuable leadership experience, I enjoy and feel comfortable with choir ensembles, and I want to help ULMS sustain its excellent reputation.

Previously, I have had 4 years’ worth of experience in choirs and several more with ensemble experience, including jazz bands, school bands and theatre ensembles.

As well as having performed in choirs and other ensembles, I have also lead them, with one notable experience being a school music festival which I co-organised and included the roles of arranging the scores, leading ensembles, publicising the event, auditioning people and selling tickets for the event.

Aside from ULMS and my previous music experience, I am also currently an academic rep for Earth and Environmental sciences and have previously been an ambassador for A level geography at my old sixth form.

Thank you!

Chris Holloway

Please come down to the JHR tonight at 6pm so we can elect a choir rep for this year!

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