AGM – Bios for Committee Elections

Here are the bios for the various different committee positions which are being elected tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd February) at the AGM. You will be able to vote for your preferred candidate either in person tomorrow if you attend the AGM, which is at 6pm in the Jack Hylton Room, or if you are unable to attend then you will be able to vote using the online voting link, which will be emailed out at some point tomorrow. If you vote online you will not be able to vote in person at the AGM. We would recommend coming to the AGM to hear the candidates speak and to listen to them answer questions if possible, however if you are unable to attend please make use of our online voting facility.


Tom Roblin

Hello everyone, my name is Tom Roblin and I’d love to tell you why I’m running for ULMS president this year. I’m a third year Physics student, and have been a member of ULMS since I first set eyes on the stand at freshers’ fair oh so long ago. I’m currently a part of Brass Band, Dance Band and have served as Wind Band rep for the past year. As part of committee over the past year I hope I have proven myself to be a very hard-working and dedicated member of the society, and I believe I can transfer the skills that I have demonstrated managing an ensemble to managing the society as a whole. I also have previous experience with running a band, as I assisted in setting up a student-run jazz band in my final year at school, and have also led a student team in a national engineering project in sixth form.

It’s you, the members of ULMS, who make this society so amazing, and so I’d like more than anything to be a President who listens to everyone’s concerns. With that in mind, as President I’d take a leaf out of the University’s book and have an ‘Office Hour’ in County bar once a week. Of course, I’ll always have an ear free to listen, but this provides a scheduled time where members can voice their concerns or suggestions directly to me in a relaxed environment.

Another part of ULMS I’d like to work on is the accessibility of the society. Primarily I’d do this by following on from the extremely promising work that Project Teach Music has been doing so far, organizing a group for the teachers e.g on Facebook, and overseeing the distribution of resources to buy teaching materials. Now that we have a lack of music students, I’d organize conductor workshops with previous conductors to give our amazing student conductors a helping hand if they need it.

I’d like to reinvigorate small groups, and work with the small groups rep to try and form new function bands to replace Jazz Combo and the Daltons if possible, I would do this by organizing a jamming session early on in the term to get people to join up and form a couple of small bands.

Another aspect of the society that I think is fantastic is the ULMS in the community initiative begun this year. As part of supporting the program I’d attempt to do some more charity gigging around town, and rebrand the concerto concert to be more of a charity event, with proceeds going to a charity of the committee’s choice, as in the constitution. Work with schools and local groups such as Lancaster Singers (thanks Nick!) to boost ULMS’ profile, with a possibility of a joint Christmas concert.

I am an extremely committed individual, and always around to lend a helping hand with the ensembles I participate in. With my organizational and problem solving skills and experience working as part of a team, I believe I am the right person to lead ULMS into another great year.

Suds Lakhani 

Hi, I’m Saday though many of you may know me as Suds. This year I have decided to run for the position of President.

I am a second year psychology student and will be moving on to my third and final year at the university. I joined ULMS at the beginning of my first year after a successful audition with the Big Band. Soon after exploring the other ensembles, I was elected as the Big Band Rep. As a musician, I am very affectionate about musicianship and sharing that musicianship. This aligns with my ideas regarding the future of ULMS which I shall explain later.

Being on committee has allowed me to see the wide range of musicians we have in ULMS and how they work together. Most importantly, it has allowed to me to see how the society is run in all its aspects be it socials or the role of the treasurer or president.

As well as being the Big Band Rep. I volunteered to lead the ULMS in the Community project which is based on the idea of ULMS being a core part of the community around us. For this, I placed emphasis on ULMS breaking out of the campus bubble. I truly believe that we have an incredible level of musicianship in ULMS and it would be a shame for that not to be shared. This required me to have meetings with everyone from LUSU to Lancashire County Council and Lancaster Music Festival Representatives. As a result, ULMS now has a large number of contacts who wish to work with us. In the past five months, ULMS has been featured by Lancashire Marketing, Lancaster Arts, Lancaster Music Festival, BBC Radio Lancashire and many more. I believe all of our ensembles, big or small, can be part a core part of the Lancaster music scene. I acknowledge that a part of this role is to aid in charity events, which we have done as a society, however more can be done in this area.

My vision for ULMS is very much based on the ‘ethos’ of how I play and listen to music. Music is there to be enjoyed and shared. It can be a competitive or casual as you like as long as you are happy.

There are a number of key things that I wish to carry forward. Firstly, we cannot escape the fact that we have no music department anymore. However, this does not mean that we have dwindling numbers of musicians, eager to play music. We as a society have a responsibility to provide a chance to play and learn music to anyone who seeks it. Especially due to the fact that Project Teach Music has started up. Secondly, I believe that there should be a stronger emphasis on all members regardless of genres socialising together which can be achieved through an imaginative and dedicated socials plan. Lastly, I want to make sure that ULMS is a solid part of the community around us. My ideal as president is to carry ULMS forward into a leading musical force for everyone to enjoy and appreciate both from a listening and performance perspective.

There are a number of other ideas I have which I shall not delve deep into due to the fact that this bio may be too long already. Despite this, if you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Nick Barker


For those of you who don’t know, my name is Nick Barker – I’m in my second year, reading Mechanical Engineering.

Having been Choir Rep for the last year, I really want to carry on doing what I can to help and improve ULMS, and I think that being secretary will let me do that – as well as being something that I think I could do well and will enjoy. In addition to being Choir Rep on the ULMS committee, I have also been on the Gospel Choir exec, and I am a member of the Lancaster Singers committee. These things have given me a pretty good insight into the workings of committees and running a society, as well as different ways of doing things. Furthermore, having someone in this position who has been on the previous committee will help with a smoother handover, and will hopefully mean that there is better understanding of plans and projects that are ongoing and will continue into the next committee.

Being on both the Lancaster Singers and ULMS committees has allowed me to establish a connection between ULMS and another musical group in Lancaster – I have secured an official ‘Working Relationship’ between the two groups, and I am currently investigating a couple of things such as a conducting workshop and music lending, with hopes of joint concerts etc. to come. Hopefully the relationship being established here will encourage others to make further links with other musical groups in and around Lancaster.

There are also one or two other possibilities that I am currently investigating, which have great potential for boosting ULMS. Secretary is a position in which I think I would do a good job, as I already handle the administrative side of Barbershop and Chamber Choir, in addition to the Choir. I’m organised, can work with all kinds of people, and I’m enthusiastic – I like getting stuck into things, and being busy is something I relish. While I’m sure there are a number of things about the role I have yet to learn or consider, I’m determined to do the best job I can!


Emma Pritchard

Hi I’m Emma, and I’m running for Treasurer. I have been involved in ULMS for the past year and a half, playing in Wind Band, Dance Band and Big Band, as well as conducting Wind Band this year. I have really enjoyed being part of ULMS, and would love the opportunity to be on committee this year. As a maths student, I enjoy working with numbers, and making excel spreadsheets. I feel like this makes me an able candidate, being able to keep an accurate record of financial activity. As an organised and trustworthy person I feel like I would make a reliable treasurer and I would love to carry on the great work that Joe has done with keeping the accounts this year.

Harry Smith

Currently a first year student, who plays trombone, sings as a bass-baritone and studies maths and physics as my course and enjoys computing on top of that. I am currently taking part of 5 of the big ensembles, and a lot of different small groups, which means I am taking part in something ULMS related every night and so if you ever need to find me I will probably be around for a chat.
I am looking to run for treasurer because over my time as a fresher this year ULMS has presented many great opportunities to take part in and I want to be able able to carry on supporting its ability to do so for all of the current and joining members of the society in the next few years, by using my skills and experience in working with accountancy and ensuring that the finances of the society are managed well.


Lily Wearden

I am a first year English Lit student and currently a saxophonist in Big Band, Wind Band, Swing Group and Dance Band. I’ve had so much fun being a part of all of these bands so far and have had such a great experience of the societyespecially being given the opportunity to learn the baritone sax – that I would love to be involved in bringing more people in and giving them the same experience I’ve had.

I have always been massively passionate about music and performance, and because of this I think I would be good at inspiring more people to join the society and audition for Big Band. I like to think of myself as friendly and approachable, which I think is particularly important as a band rep so that people know they can always voice any concerns to me, and I hope I would be able to take everyone’s ideas into account to keep the band running the best it possibly can.

I have a lot of things I’d love to do with the ensemble, such as adding to our current repertoire and looking at the possibility of getting involved in jazz festivals and competitions. Most importantly I want to make sure that everyone loves what they are doing and remains enthusiastic about the band and the society throughout the year.


Annabel Miles & Georgia Williams 

Hey everyone, we are Annabel Miles and Georgia Williams. We are 2nd year Accounting and Finance and 1st year Maths students respectively. We are both committed cornet players in Brass Band and Georgia also plays in Big Band. Between us we have a total of 19 years of banding experience including different types of bands but mostly brass. We have experience of the Brass Band’s main events of the year having competed at UniBrass last week and we have also competed at Whit Friday and the regional Area competitions with our own external bands for many years. Annabel has experience of a variety of events from last year which occur on campus, such as Campus Fest and Roses. We are both sociable, outgoing and not afraid to get involved and take on responsibilities. We have a lot to live up to following Sinead’s excellent reign but we hope to do the role justice and be friendly faces that any member of the band or society could approach.


Kathryn Williams

Hi, I’m Kathryn and I’m a second year Biochemistry student. I’ve been in choir for nearly two years now and this year I have helped out at orchestra so I really appreciate the effort and organisation that is required to make everything come together. As choir rep I would try to carry on Nick’s good work and get the choir involved as much as possible with more opportunities to perform, for example carol singing in the city centre at Christmas, as well as trying to support a more community feel among the whole choir.


Holly Cantley

Hi! My name is Holly. I am a first year student, studying Fine Art and I am running for String Orchestra rep. I think that I would make a good String Orchestra rep, because I have a passion for music and love to play the cello in the String Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra and to sing in the Choir. I am friendly, fun-loving, committed, enthusiastic, caring and hard-working! I enjoy working in a team, being informative and helping others. I am a good listener, who enjoys to take notes and enter into discussions in meetings, finding alternative solutions to problems. What’s more, I am tidy, efficient, organised and I will make sure that the cake rota continues! 🙂


Elly Spiers

I am a first year biological sciences student and a member of the swing band, wind band and Fame band, where I play the alto saxophone and clarinet.

I am an organised person, something I feel will benefit the committee, along with my dedication and enthusiasm for music. I listen to a lot of jazz and swing music; therefore I could contribute to deciding new pieces to play in the band.

I would like the swing band to gain more members next year. This could be achieved by performing during fresher week or the first week of term to show off our skills to potential members. Posters could also be displayed around campus.

Connections could also be made to owners of pubs and bars in Lancaster town centre and beyond in order to give the swing band the opportunity to have performances that aren’t limited to the university campus.


Phillip Kennedy 

My name’s Philip,
I’m a first year physics student, my primary instruments are viola and organ piano, I also play bassoon and violin. Music is my main hobby, I enjoy both the playing and conducting side of my music. I am well organised and hope this would help in the running of the orchestra. My knowledge of both the conducting and playing would give me good understanding of what the players and conductors of this ensemble want and allow me to act as a liason between them.


Claire Dickinson & Andy Walker

(Claire) I’m a first year oboist in wind band and orchestra as well as playing the piano. I would love to be wind band rep as it sounds like a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the society and build on past successes. Music has been my passion and the thing that has kept me going for many years.

Not only do I love playing and listening to music, but being involved in ensembles is particularly important for me. Before coming to Lancaster I was a member of my county youth orchestra for ten years. This gave me a wealth of musical knowledge and experience. At school I was chair of my school council giving me the opportunity to develop my communication and leadership skills, both of which I consider vital for this role.

If I were to become wind band rep I would look at continuing to maintain the inclusive and enjoyable community. I would listen to the views and suggestions from members to ensure everyone gets the most out of the band. I would also be interested in looking at setting up links with local schools to showcase a range of music and experience to local school children.

(Andy) I am a first year student studying modern languages. I play the tenor saxophone in big band, wind band, dance band and also the cornet in brass band. I have been playing the saxophone for seven years and the cornet for six. I have been involved with several music ensembles since beginning to learn both instruments. For instance, I was a member of the Staffordshire Performing Arts Centre, a music centre in which I was a member of its wind band and jazz band. I was also a member of the North Staffordshire Youth Orchestra and participated in a number of concerts, gigs and small music festivals. I am running for the position of wind band rep as I believe my experiences and skills will be beneficial in the management and organisation of the band. I am organized and dedicated and like new challenges, which I see this position as. I am also very approachable, a key aspect of any ensemble representative which is very useful in getting new students to join the band, particularly in the next academic year. If I am elected for wind band rep, my aims would be to expand the band’s repertoire, perhaps introducing more diverse and challenging music. To introduce the idea of having sectionals in order to make rehearsals more constructive for the conductor and the musicians. Finally, to organize more concerts and gigs, and maybe collaborations with other ensembles, such as the choir or the orchestra. Gaining this position would be a great responsibility which I would be willing to undertake and to fulfil until the next committee elections.


Harry Smith

Currently a first year student, who plays trombone, sings as a bass-baritone and studies maths and physics as my course and enjoys computing on top of that. I am currently taking part of 5 of the big ensembles, and a lot of different small groups, which means I am taking part in something ULMS related every night and so if you ever need to find me I will probably be around for a chat.
I am looking to run for small groups  because over my time as a fresher this year I ULMS has presented many great opportunities to take part in and I want to be able able to carry on supporting its ability to do so for all of the current and joining members of the society in the next few years, by ensuring that we still have a strong foundation on which anyone can build a new small group and for the current ones to remain standing and supported.


Kathryn Williams 

Hi, I’m Kathryn and I’m a second year Biochemistry student. I’ve been a member of various groups within ULMS for the past two years and in that time I have been to the majority of the socials. I have some experience of organisation and using social media to promote things through helping to set up Project Teach Music. As socials officer I would like to build on my experiences of what worked well, bring some new social ideas forward and promote inclusion of greater numbers of members. I’d also aim to have a social every week on varying days as much as possible, as well as having a provisional socials calendar prepared at the start of each term.

Elly Spiers

I am a first year biological sciences student and a member of the swing band, wind band and Fame band, where I play the alto saxophone and clarinet.

have had experience in organising social events for bands during my time at college, meaning I can use this experience to benefit the committee.

In terms of social events, the music society could have themed socials, for example, musical or jazz themed, or even contests between other members of the band, such as wind vs big band or swing vs dance band for example.

My goal as a socials rep would be to create events that everyone can enjoy.


Kirsty Brown

My name is Kirsty and I am in first year studying BSc Geography. I would love to be the next Publicity and Programmes Officer, because I feel that I could successfully fill the role. I am a committed member of ULMS attending both brass band and wind band alongside being an active member of Bowland College’s netball A team and the geography society. I am organised, creative and good with my time management, therefore I will be able to produce the necessary posters and programmes well ahead of the events which is required within the role. I have previously volunteered in the marketing department at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway for the past 4 years, therefore I have gained experience in this area in order for me to do this. I would like to continue doing the good work that Hannah has done successfully over the past year and like to build upon the blog which has been created, to make it more successful in the future. By being a member of the ULMS committee I feel like I can give something back to the society in order for the successful concerts and events to continue to run as successfully in the future, therefore I would love to be the next Publicity and Programmes Officer.



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