Proms Lead Up – ULMS Brass Band!

In the aftermath of Whit Friday yesterday I thought today would be an appropriate time to write up the band focus post on the ULMS Brass Band for Proms!

The band in action in rehearsal


ULMS Brass Band is a rather unique band. It’s made up of entirely brass instruments (plus percussion), including cornets, horns, baritones, trombones, euphoniums and basses (or tubas as I had known them for my entire life up to this year).

The cornet section from the back (and a flugelhorn too)


Taking a closer look at the basses and horns


This year there’s been a huge focus on not only providing top quality playing but on givingĀ a performance which entertains and engages people. From ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ at UniBrass (which incidentally contributed to 4th place and a Most Improved award) to dressing up as zombies and playing Thriller at Whit Friday* (which won the band the prize of Most Entertaining at Friezland) this band has been proving all year long that playing music is above all, fun.

Ashley Wicks conducting the band


The horn section working hard to hold up the middle order


There’s a lot been said throughout the years of a ‘Brass Band Culture’ pervading in the Brass Band world, but in my opinion I have never been part of a more welcoming and friendly band. What’s more, we welcome anyone to join in the fun, if not by playing in the band then by joining us after rehearsal in County Bar!

Sop and Rep working hard on perfecting pieces


Most of the lower brass section, standing (in a metaphorical sense) against the army of cornets


Based on the performances so far this year, the ULMS Brass Band are sure to provide a high quality, interesting and entertaining set at Proms, performing Prismatic Light, When the Saints and the Bare Necessities.

The view from the front (with the front row cornets slacking off)


Simon James giving the camera a sneaky glance mid-piece


You don’t want to miss out on what is sure to be a fantastic performance from ULMS Brass Band, alongside the other ensembles and small groups performing which are sure to be just as good!


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Tickets can be ordered NOW by emailing our Treasurer, Joseph Brownless, at with the quantity and type of ticket you want! Alternatively we will be selling tickets on campus from this Tuesday (2nd June) onwards!

*More on Whit Friday in an upcoming post!

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