A New Logo for ULMS!

I think the majority of ULMSers will agree that the logo we all know and (sort of) love is more than a little bit outdated. So one of the things we set out to do as a new committee was to change this logo. No small feat, as this logo has been used for many a year!

We wanted to update the look of ULMS, but we wanted this new logo to come from a current ULMS member, and we also wanted to make sure that the majority of the society were behind the change. We didn’t know if we would get the kind of logo we wanted by opening it up to the society, but for us it was important that we involved all members in this decision, and so we took the chance – and we’re very glad we did!

We had a bit of fun on Twitter just before properly announcing the new logo by claiming this is the one we had chosen! Designed by and sent in by Simon James as a joke entry, anyone who knows Si-man will understand why!


The chance to enter a logo design was opened up to all current ULMS members for a few weeks across the Easter Holidays, and quite a few people took up the challenge! All the logo entries we received were excellent, yet very different from each other, showing the variety and creativity within the society. When the deadline for designing a logo was reached we created a voting system so that everyone in the society had the change to view all the new logo ideas and then vote for their top three favourites in order.

Once the voting closed the results were collated to show which logo designs had been the most popular. These top four designs were then brought forward to our next committee meeting, where we debated their various merits before taking our final vote.

The first of the finalists, designed by Tiffany Callysta

tif logo1 red

The second of our finalists, again designed by Tiffany

tif 2Our third finalist, and incidentally runner-up, designed by Susanne Broster


Our fourth and final finalist, designed by Rachel Harrington

rachelULMS logo colour

In the end we decided that we liked the design of finalist number 1 the best, but wanted to change the colour slightly, to fit in better with the traditional ULMS colours. Thankfully Tiffany, the designer, was happy to alter the design slightly to account for our colour preferences.

And so, we have our new logo!


Thank you to everyone for your patience throughout this whole process, and special thanks to everyone who submitted a logo for giving us such a good variety to choose from!

We hope you’re as pleased with the new logo as we are!

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  1. What, you only announced the Spider-Man one as a joke…?
    But it had such a fantastic response on Twitter. Are you sure you haven’t made a mistake?

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