ULMS Committee 2015/2016

Just over 7 weeks ago now on February 18th, ULMS held its AGM to decide the on the Committee (the small group of ULMS members who ensure its smooth running) for the 2015/2016 year. It was a long night for all involved, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that ran, even if you were ultimately unsuccessful – as a student-run society ULMS relies on the contributions and dedication of students to run smoothly. Three positions were left unfilled after the AGM and were subsequently filled at the EGM on 26th February. Therefore the ULMS Committee for 2015/2016 is as follows:

President – Blake Redrup

Secretary – Rob Richardson

Treasurer – Joseph Brownless

Big Band Rep – Saday Lakhani

Brass Band Reps – Leo Lerner & Sinead Connolly

Choir Rep – Nick Barker

String Orchestra Rep – Oliver Hatfield

Swing Group Reps – Jeremy Morgan & Katie Harwood

Symphony Orchestra Rep – Lauren Lee

Wind Band Reps – Tom Roblin & Sophie Waters

Small Groups Rep and Lunchtime Concerts Officer – Alex Hardgrave

Social Officer – Matthew Atkinson

Publicity and Programmes Officer – Hannah Scales

Technician – Adam Tutt

Photographs and phone numbers can be found on the ULMS cupboard door, as well as at ulmsblogs.wordpress.com/committee, so you should be able to get in touch with any of us if needed!

This committee have been officially in charge since the handover in the week after the AGM and so far we’re thoroughly enjoying ourselves! Here are some photos of us at our handover social in Week 8!

Three (non-consecutive) generations of Wind Band Reps! From left to right, Sophie Waters (current), Tom Roblin (current), Susanne Broster (12/13), Joseph Brownless (14/15), Rosa Hinksman (14/15)

wind band reps

3 generations of Brass Band Reps! From left to right, Grace Pemberton (14/15), Sinead Connolly (current), Susanne Broster (13/14), Leo Lerner (current)

brass band reps

Three Generations of Choir Reps! From left to right Charlotte Gooding (14/15), Rachel Harrington (12/13), Nick Barker (15/16)

choir reps

Three Generations of President! From left to right, Rachel Harrington (13/14), Blake Redrup (15/16), Susanne Broster (14/15)

3 generations of presidentPhotographs taken from facebook, photography credit to Rachel Harrington

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