Big Band

Big Band rehearse every Monday during term time from 7pm-9pm in the Jack Hylton Room.

Like the other major ensembles, you don’t need to audition to join Big Band as an instrumentalist, however the band typically includes one or two auditioned vocalists. Vocal auditions are announced on the Big Band Facebook Group. The band typcially consists of around 5 trombones, 5 trumpets, 7 saxes and 5 rhythm parts, as well as singers.

Last year the band played in the Lancaster Music Festival in October, as well as performing at the Swingle Bells Christmas gig at the Apothecary and playing with the Lancashire Youth Jazz Orchestra in Morecambe.

This year, the band once again performed in the annual Christmas Jazz gig – this year in Barker House Farm – as well as dazzling the audience at the Charity Showcase as their Strictly Come Dancing band.

Join the ULMS Big Band 2023/34 Facebook Group: