Social Secretary

The Social Secretary is responsible for

  • Arranging and publicising a varied and interesting social calendar every term, including a Christmas and Summer Ball and Committee handover meal
  • Purchasing items for socials including entertainment, food and drink
  • Preparing ULMS punch and ensuring food and drink are available throughout the social
  • Making sure any food and drink prepared for socials is safe – attend the LUSU food safety course
  • Booking appropriate rooms for socials
  • Encouraging conversation and mixing during socials
  • Ensuring the socials cupboard is clean and organised
  • Purchase of concert refreshments
  • Purchasing of concert gifts (conductors wine, PROMS prizes etc)
  • Organising, with the Brass Band rep, a carolling bar crawl in December

The Social Secretaries in 2023/2024 are Declan Ricketts and Imogen Keeley, who can be contacted via

Email the Social Secretary