Publicity Officer

The Publicity Officer is responsible for

  • Producing programmes for all necessary concerts, which require the collection of programme notes from ensemble reps, biographies and photographs from soloists and conductors, future concert dates from the secretary and a welcome message from the president
  • Designing a cover for programmes – either the same for concerts throughout the year or following a theme.  Proms programmes must include the yearly logo from the competition
  • Designing and printing posters advertising all major concerts
  • Organising and distributing posters, including creating and distributing a rota to Committee members
  • Liaise with members of the public to ensure other methods of advertising – newspapers, radio etc.
  • Ensuring local schools, churches etc. are aware of ULMS and the concert opportunities
  • Preparation of flyers, to be distributed around town and at other events (e.g. the concert series)
  • Updating the ULMS blog
  • Creating all Facebook events for ULMS concerts etc
  • Ensuring the main Facebook page and Twitter account are kept updated and relevant
  • Managing all social media

The Publicity Officer for 2023/2024 is Imogen Keeley, who can be contacted via

Email the Publicity Officer